Grado GS1000i balanced

Grado GS-1000i, Balanced Headphones $1100

Grado’s headphone models with wooden cups have been my favorites. RS-2 $500, RS-1 $700 and GS-1000 $1000. The wooden cups provide a chamber to produce subterranean bass and a warm, rich timbre. As you can see from the photo, foam contacts your ears, not wood.
We now have on display the top of the wood line, GS-1000i, in a special balanced configuration ($1100) because that’s how you get the best performance. To take advantage of this feature you need a great headphone amp. That would be the Bryston BHA-1 $1400.
This combo runs $2450 and is right at the edge of the art of headphone performance. If you’re a headphone connoisseur, come by to have a listen. You’ll be impressed, I promise!Bryston BHA-1


Paula Zahn- Cellist!

Speaking of multi-talented people who have more than a big toe into music… Journalist Paula Zahn (born 1957) has played cello since age five and went to Stephens College in Missouri on a cello scholarship. She has performed around the world including such places as South Korea, Russia and even at home in Carnegie Hall. Currently she anchors her own series on ID TV, “On The Case With Paula Zahn.”
In high school she was valedictorian and captain of her high school swim and tennis teams. She was on the golf team. She has three children and is on the board of Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. And you thought YOU were busy!

Paula Zahn