New! Magnepan MG-.7 Speakers Arriving Soon! $1400-1700 Per Pair

Magnepan MG .7
In 2010 Magnepan introduced its MG-1.7 speakers for $2200pr. The .7 designation is significant in that it denotes the new QUASI technology that is being used full range in the speakers. Prior to the .7s and QUASI, the older .6 versions used Magneplanar technology. Here’s the difference.
QUASI technology features extremely lightweight strips of foil adhered to a light mylar diaphragm. Think vertical strips of foil, approximately 1/2” wide for the woofer, and 1/8” wide for the mid and tweet. The foil has much better coverage area over the mylar panel than “wires.”
Magneplanar technology features wires (think piano wire) glued to the mylar diaphragm. The sound has been outstanding for many years. But the QUASI design eclipses the Magneplanar design.
With QUASI, you have better efficiency, power handling, transients, bass response, dynamics. Did I miss anything? Anything you can think of related to music gets better with the .7 series of Maggies.
MG .7+Oval Base
After the MG-1.7, Magnepan came out with the 3.7 and 20.7. Keep your eye on the .7 here, which means, these speakers are part of a new world of Maggies!
Magnepan continued to offer the MG-12 and MMG speakers- both of which were Magneplanar design.
NOW the MG-.7 has joined the team! It is very much a scaled back MG-1.7. It is offered in a traditional Magnepan cosmetic for $1400pr. Magnepan is also offering a fancier styling for $1700pr. You win either way- great sound! MG-.7 is now the least expensive Maggie that is a full QUASI design.
Like the 1.7, the .7 will incorporate a super tweeter to broaden off axis enjoyment. Older Magnepans had a relatively limited sweet spot for on axis listening. The .7 series offers a broad listening window.
(top photo) Standard base $1400
(bottom photo) Oval base $1700
PeachTree D4 Speakers Promo Price $500pr with PT Integrated Amp: Reg Price $700pr
PeachTree D4
PeachTree offers these diminutive, gorgeous speakers, for a limited time at a special price.
D4 (4” mid/woof and 1” soft dome tweet) is 9.6h, 5.8w, 6.8d. Rosewood or Cherry.

PeachTree D5 Speakers Promo Price $700pr with PT Integrated Amp: Reg Price $1000pr
PeachTree D5

D5 has a 5” mid/woof and 1” soft dome tweet. 11H, 7.1w. 10.4d. Rosewood or Cherry.
The sonic presentation is smooth and warm. While the speakers do have bass, PT is not building in a bass thump at 120Hz to try trick us. Both D4 & D5 are intended to work well in your Bedroom, Den or Office while providing keen aesthetics to boot! They happen to interface especially well with PT integrated amps.