NAD C328 Integrated Amp $550 (50×2, 2 3/16h, 17 1/8w, 11 1/4d)



NAD has made a typical NAD move. They have brought out a new, high performance, sleek, integrated amp at less money than their prior offerings!
NAD is the king of power and stability in integrateds. Rated at 50×2, C328 will comfortably hit peaks of 100×2. Further, NAD is happy to address low impedance’s. You can buy the speakers you love the sound of without fear of low impedance’s toasting the amp. You cannot say that about the OTHER GUYS.
Probably the most reviewed 100×2 integrated is the $900 Yamaguchi. It says right on the unit that if you want to use it in the high current mode (for best sound!) your speakers need to be 6-8 ohms for one pair, or 12 ohms or higher for two pairs. Tell me what speakers are 12 ohms.
If you run in the low current mode (lesser water pressure = worse sound) you can run speakers that are as low as 4 ohms for one pair, but if you run two pairs they have to be 8 ohms.
Your speaker choices are severely limited if you want your amp to be stable = happy.
With NAD, you run the speakers you like the sound of, whether 4 ohms, 6/8/16- WHATEVER.
With the other guys you are tremendously limited in your speaker choices AND you challenge the reliability of the amp when you drive them hard PERIOD.
If you go to our home page you can scroll down to the button that says NAD integrated amps 2018. You’ll see the nuts and bolts and features described there.

Emotiva Tower Speakers WITH RIBBONS!

Emotiva is making its move on the speaker market starting with the affordable price territory.
Featured here are Emo’s two tower offerings. Please note that both models feature Emo’s ribbon tweeter, a very low mass drive element with lightning fast response. Emo is making the world of dome tweeters sound mundane and… darn near obsolete!

T-1 Towers, $700 Per Pair (37 5/8h, 8 3/8w, 11 5/8d, 40 lbs ea)

Emotiva T1

We’ve gushed about T-1 before. It’s a mid sized tower that can hit pretty hard, with an extremely resolving top end. It is hard to NOT call T-1 the best speaker in its price class because it features the ribbon tweeter, along with a 5 1/4” Woven Fiber Midrange and Two 6” Woven Fiber Woofers. It’s Kevlar without paying for the Dupont Kevlar brand name. For a lot of people, this is as big as you would need to go. But for people who can’t get enough of a good thing and want more…

T-2 Towers, $1000 Per Pair (42 1/16h, 10 11/16w, 12 1/4d, 57 lbs ea)

Emotiva T-2

The T-2 tower is brand new. Emo made the T-1 first because it will be the better seller, as it does so well in a reasonable size. But do we always want to be reasonable? Sometimes it’s OK to be bigger and bolder. That’s what T-2 is all about!
T-2 shares the same Ribbon Tweeter and Midrange driver as T-1. But T-2 is a bigger, stronger enclosure featuring two 8” Woven Fiber woofers instead of two 6s. The extra bang for your buck yields more octane and yep, more fun. If you like to let ‘er rip on occasion and are not adverse to a good sized tower, bring on the new T-2.


As you might have guessed, Emo has matching centers and surrounds for the above towers.
You can mix/match as your space allows.

C-1 $250 ea (8 3/8h, 20 1/2w, 8 1/4d, 18lbs)

Emotiva C-1

Ribbon Tweeter
One 3” Woven Fiber Midrange Driver
Two 5 1/4” Woven Fiber Woofers


C-2 $370 ea (8 5/8h, 31 15/16w, 10 1/2d, 36lbs)

Emotiva C-2

Ribbon Tweeter
Two 3” Woven Fiber Midrange Drivers
Two 6” Woven Fiber Woofers


E-1 Surround Speakers $270 Per Pair (13h, 6 1/4w, 4”d, 6lbs)

Emotiva E-1

Shelf or Wall Mount with Keyhole Slots
Ribbon Tweeter
One 4” Woven Fiber Mid/Bass Driver


E-2 Surround Speakers $460 Per Pair (10 3/16h, 15 1/16w, 5 9/16d, 11 lbs)

Emotiva E-2

Shelf or Wall Mount with Keyhole Slots
Two Ribbon Tweeters
One 5 1/4” Woven Fiber Mid/Bass Driver

Maroon 5: Five Minutes of Musical Fun!

The boys crash weddings. How great is this?!