GoldenEar Updates The Triton 2+ ($3500pr) And Triton 3+ ($2500pr)

GE has launched updated versions of two of its very established and successful models.
Borrowing from what GE has learned to create Triton One ($5000pr), this technology is now filtering down into its less expensive brethren.
First of all, GE has built a state of the art research facility of its own. It features a full sized anechoic chamber. This chamber is actually fully suspended from its environment, so that the delicate measurements taken within it are not interfered with by outside disturbances and vibrations. Use of this chamber allows GE engineers to focus on a myriad of nuances that effect performance. Since GE’s inception in 2010, it has added new engineering talent and developed powerful new software, including a unique program for cones and surrounds.
Improvements include new upper bass/midrange drivers which incorporate a new cone, surround, spider and voice coil. The crossovers are new, completely balanced with polypropylene caps as used in T-1. The DSP, low frequency control unit has been redesigned for improved bass impact and control.
Both models sound more clear, with deeper, tighter bass. What was good to begin with has been tuned up a notch with this new generation!



About 100 new SACDs have just arrived in stock. SACDs remain at the highest echelon of sound quality- right there with hi resolution downloads. If you don’t want to hassle with the computer and all that goes with it, there are still plenty of SACDs!




A Night With Robert Schumann
Last week I went to a piano recital at Wisconsin Lutheran, Schwan Concert Hall, to hear music by Robert Schumann. Schumann is the most romantic of all composers. He wrote exquisitely for piano at a young age. He created some of the world’s greatest piano music and yet abandoned the instrument at about 30. At thirty I could barely tie my own shoes.
The highlight of the night by pianist Jeff Siegel was the titanic Sonata #2. It features a wide range of emotions and terminates in a fourth movement where Schumann expresses his feelings of sliding into madness.
We are so fortunate to have this wonderful venue in Milwaukee! I must have heard a hundred recitals in this “room” over the years. With 370 seats, there literally isn’t a bad seat in the house. Wisconsin Lutheran has its own Steinway D, always on the short list of the best pianos.
To be able to sit so close, in a venue so good, is the next best thing to having the pianist come to your house and play in your living room. While Milwaukee doesn’t command the largest names in the world for our little 370 seat hall, make sure you visit once in a while. Most of the talent I’ve heard at Schwan is outstanding, if not famous.
Not only are you supporting a great arts program, you’ll be hearing the musicians in YOUR living room. Not even the best hi-fi can top it!


Highest Grossing Celebrities No Longer Alive

13 Jenni Rivera, singer
12 Bruce Lee
11 Steve McQueen
10 Dr Seuss (Ted Geisel)
9 Bettie Page
8 Albert Einstein
7 John Lennon
6 Marilyn Monroe
5 Bob Marley
4 Elizabeth Taylor
3 Charles Schulz
2 Elvis
1 Michael Jackson