MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) is now real! As of 2-1-17, Tidal has been delivering a nice array of music in the MQA mode. You stream it for $20 per month.
All you need to decode MQA is a Bluesound Node 2, $500.
That’s right. For $500 you can decode MQA from Tidal NOW. There will undoubtedly be more competitive services soon. You shouldn’t stick your head in the sand and sit this dance out. Dive in now, get the Node 2 and hear the best sound your system can make. NOW.
Normally, when something industry shaking hits the market, you need to spend many thousands. Think about 1982 when CDs landed. The machines were $1500 and the discs were $20 a pop- in 1982 money.


I’m here to tell you that MQA is the real deal and no matter what else you have, records, CDs. SACDs, or Hi-Res files, MQA sounds better. And to think, you don’t even have to buy discs of any kind, all you have to do is stream your music!
Just visit and have a listen. Thus far EVERYONE who has heard it here has been mucho impressed!
The library of MQA music is about 2000 albums strong AND GROWING. It includes much of Warner Bros among other labels. Universal has signed on. So while there’s lots of MQA music available TODAY, an avalanche of music is on the way.
Listening to classic albums through MQA reveals things you’ve never heard before. You’ll hear no vinyl artifacts which allows the music to be more clear. Listen to Lindsay Buckingham’s guitar on
FM’s “Never Going Back Again.” You’ll hear it in seconds. It’s a new world of stunning audio. When the source is better, everything improves.
If you don’t have a legit MQA decoder, you can’t get the full enchilada of performance. I’m just delighted that we can offer it so affordably. Literally all hi-fi guys can, and should, buy a Blue Node 2!

NAD Integrateds With Built In Bluesound

Bluesound has been shaking hands with Tidal and revealing the best sound we’ve ever heard, largely due to its ability to decode MQA. We’ve been happily selling Bluesound products
to customers who want to stream and deal with music on drives- whether MQA, Hi-Res, CD quality- or less. That choice is YOURS.
NAD is now shipping its MDC Module called BluOS. It runs $400 and can be installed in a handful of NAD products. Most notably, C368, C388 and M32.
So not only is streaming now available in previously untouched quality, it is affordable and easy within these wonderful NAD integrated amps.

NAD C368 $1300 With BluOS






NAD C388 $2000 With BluOS






NAD M32 $4400 With BluOS










GoldenEar Triton Reference Speakers $8500pr

Maybe I shouldn’t jump the gun on Triton Refs. Only the prototypes exist right now. But Sandy’s track record is so strong that I’m not afraid to let the cat out of the bag a bit early. Due within 60 days is the new Triton Ref. It’s the biggest, baddest, bestest, GE ever. Can’t wait!





Lake Street Dive CDs

If you’ve visited the store in the past few months I’ve probably chained you down to listen to a cut or two by one of the most fun bands out there, Lake Street Dive. They have a handful of CDs available and I’ve got a few in the store now. I’ve been a lousy business man by demoing these fun tunes and not having them to sell. I’ve had so many customers ask to buy them that I have finally awakened and brought them in. Please visit to buy music by Lake Street Dive!
Even though I just told you to buy a Bluesound Node 2 and sign up for Tidal, there will always be music the services can’t provide- usually for contractual reasons. Consequently there are still plenty of good reasons to have physical media on hand.