Bryston BDP-1 USB, $1800

Bryston BDP-1 USB

Bryston offers a new model from its Music Player line. The task of BDP-1 USB is to connect to your USB source and strafe out all the computer debris.
BDP-1 USB features four USB A style inputs.
BDP-1 USB connects to your DAC with a USB A out- running a cable with USB A on one end and USB B into your DAC at the other.
The BDP-1 USB will also access your network drive that has music stored on it.
Bryston continues its dedication to improve your sound from stored music!

GoldenEar Aon 2 Speakers, $800pr. (12h, 8w, 10d)
GoldenEar’s Aon 3 “shelf” speakers for $1k per pair have gotten a lot of great press over the last couple years. They deserve it!
The Aon 2 has flown a bit under the radar. If you’re looking for a smaller shelf speaker that employs a sophisticated ribbon tweeter, Aon 2 might be just the ticket. It is smaller than Aon 3 and sounds quite similar- sans a little bass. We’ve found Aon 2 a great speaker for use in an office system in particular.
Aon 2 uses a 6” cast frame, front firing mid/woofer. It uses the same ribbon tweeter as the rest of GE’s line. Aon 2 features two, 6.5” side firing Infrasonic Radiators. These radiators provide substantial, yet controlled bass response.
Consider the room where you spend time on the computer. Most people connect up those nasty plastic “computer speakers.” Some folks use their “crummy old” bookshelf speakers from college days. They invariably have tinny sound and can’t reveal more than a fraction of what they’re connected to. Come on- you probably spend more time in this room than you do your fancy AV system!
Please, don’t torture your ears. You already have the computer there for a wide array of source material. Why not run a nice integrated amp like a Decco 65 ($1000, 65×2) and a GREAT set of speakers like Aon 2? For $800 you have the sophistication of a smooth ribbon sound- that won’t wear you out.


This month’s newsletter should essentially be the same as March’s. GoldenEar’s Triton 5 and SuperSub XXL did not arrive in March as planned. GoldenEar promises they will be shipping “any day.” So, for those of you who visited or called for an audition, keep your eye on our LATEST tab- where we will announce when these new products are in fact, on display.

Highest Paid Musicians 2014?

30 Drake & Lady Gaga, 33m
29 Luke Bryan 34m
28 Muse 34m
27 Celine Dion 36m
26 Miley Cirus 36m
25 Jennifer Lopez 37m
24 Jason Aldean 37m
23 Katy Perry 40m
22 Kenny Chesny 44m
21 Elton John 45m
20 Roger Waters 46m
19 Rolling Stones 47m
18 Rihanna 48m
17 Michael Buble 51m
16 Pink 52m
15 Justin Timberlake 57m
14 Bruno Mars 60m
13 P Diddy 60m
12 Jay Z 60m
11 Taylor Swift 64m
10 Toby Keith 65m
9 Calvin Harris 66m
8 Paul McCartney 71m
7 One Direction 75m
6 Justin Bieber 80m
5 Bruce Springsteen 81m
4 Bon Jovi 82m
3 Eagles 100m
2 Beyonce 115m
1 Dr Dre 620m