Bryston’s New Cubed Power Amps

news-4B cubed Front Black 17inch pr

Bryston’s new CUBED series of power amps is arriving. Bryston has made among the finest power amps in the world for many years. The tradition continues. The 20 year warranty still smokes everyone else in the industry!
The Cubed series achieves vanishing levels of distortion, below .001% over the entire frequency band. Most amps are proud to hit .03% at 1k!
The advantages of scant distortion… Music comes from a blacker background. You hear individual instruments and nuances more clearly. There is a bigger, deeper stage with tighter bass. It’s all in the details.
Bryston has a new, patented input stage, dubbed “Salomie.” That’s enough to want to buy it right there! The Salomie design has new levels of power supply hash rejection, sub 140dB.
Common mode rejection is lower, meaning it rejects noise coming in on the signal cable more completely than prior designs. The new power supplies have RF rejection.
Bryston has made wonderful power amps forever. The best have just gotten better!

Power Amp Models:
2.5 B Cubed: $3700, 135×2
3B Cubed: $5000, 200×2
4B Cubed: $5700, 300×2
7B Cubed: $5700, 600×1
14B Cubed: $10,500, 600×2
28B Cubed: $11,000, 1000×1

Integrated Amp Models:.
B-135 Cubed: $5500
Integrated Amp, 135×2 Line Stage: Add $375 for remote & $750 for MM phono
B-60 Cubed: $3600
Integrated Amp, 60×2, Line Stage: Add $375 for remote & $750 for MM phono

Bryston Name Drops: Bryston Users
Alicia Keys
Garth Brooks
Herbie Hancock
Earth, Wind & Fire
Kid Rock
Mary J. Blige
Peter Frampton
Ray Charles
Robbie Robertson
Steve Winwood
Stevie Wonder
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Dolby Europe
BBC Radio
BBC Television
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