PeachTree Nova 220SE $2000, 220×2 integrated amp
PeachTree Nova 220 SE
While we did mention Nova 220SE in a prior newsletter, we didn’t get a batch to SELL.
Now we have them. My prediction is that this will be the most revered new piece of audio electronics our business has seen in many years. That’s strong to say. Why am I so sure?
I’m sure because we’ve had our demo over a month. We’ve driven many speakers with it, including hungry Magnepans. I’m still amazed at the clarity and muscle this guy has. It brings out bass you didn’t think the speakers had within them. The power is like a sports car blasting on to the expressway- vs a family sedan!
When you look at what $2k buys you in a tube piece, it’s usually 50 to 100w/ch. That’s if you’re lucky! Nova 220SE has 220 w/ch- the amp section is solid state. More importantly, the amp section is the same as PT’s lauded PT 220 power amp! This amp has replaced many a Hafler, NAD, Rotel, Adcom whatever over the years. At $1400 for 220×2, it’s a bargain. So for only $600 more in Nova 220SE you’re getting a discrete preamp, tube or solid state- YOUR CHOICE! You’re getting an edge of the art SABRE Dac and a fine headphone amp. It’s the best Nova yet!
If your electronics are getting a bit tired… should you replace the preamp? Amp? DAC? Quit messing around and do it right! Clean it all up for only $2k.
This is an INSTANT classic, I promise!

Bryston A-2 Speakers, $2800pr (39.5h, 9.25w, 17d, 62 lbs, 10-400w/ch)
Bryston’s new A-2 is proving to be the best seller of the new A Series range of speakers. Why? Because it sounds almost as big as the A-1, but is cheaper and shorter.
The A-2 has two 6.5” cast frame woofers. A-2 has two 5.25” Ceramic Coated Aluminum Midranges. A-2 has two Titanium Tweeters. Employing two of the mids and two of the tweets gives A-2 a much taller sonic presentation than A-3 (which uses one of each). The difference is substantial!
The sonic presentation is tall and wide, with nice stereo imaging. The perspective is smooth, not bright. Just as with the Model Ts, Bryston is earning points for accurate sonic timbre. A Steinway sounds like a Steinway- not like a sharper/thinner Asian piano.
While we’ve run A-2 with a wide array of electronics, it seems most happy with the new PeachTree Nova 220 integrated amp: $2000, 220×2. This combination at under $5k establishes new performance levels of bass and power- with smooth top end- for the price point! $3450pr in veneer, $3800pr in real rosewood.

Magnepan Mini Computer System, $1500
Now on display is Magnepan’s Maggie Mini Computer based speaker system. Running two satellite speakers along with a Maggie subwoofer, puts traditional Maggie Ribbon performance in the near field for you. If you’re chained to your computer a fair portion of your life, you should consider spoiling yourself with the Maggie Mini system!
Maggie satellites, 14h, 9.5w. 1.25” D.
Maggie woofer 19.25h, 22.5w, 1.25” D.