New! PeachTree Nova 125SE $1500 (125×2)
PeachTree Nova 125SE
PeachTree’s Nova 125 has been an excellent integrated amp! PeachTree has just upped its game a notch with the new Nova 125SE.
First of all, Nova 125SE still has a SABRE DAC on board, and a tube that you can activate or not. Your choice!
Horsepower runs 125×2 with the heart of a Bang & Olufsen ASX-2 IceModule. Most audiophiles feel this is the best of Ice designs, yielding big time power and musical message with no heat.
The main improvement with this new model is that the preamp section of the Grand Integrated is being incorporated here. This provides a bit more detail and resolution due to discrete design and subsequent lower noise floor.
Inputs include: USB for PC or Mac, Two Toslink, One Coax, One set of analogs. It also has a set of variable pre outs in case you want to add a bigger amp (why bother?) or a sub.
If you’re not listening at urban volume, Nova 125SE can do a very nice job on a wide array of speakers including Maggies, whose low impedance virtually doubles the Nova’s power.


New! PeachTree Nova 65SE $1000 (65×2)
PeachTree Nova 65SE
Decco 65 has been an excellent integrated amp value. PeachTree has just tuned it up a tad as with Nova 125SE above.
The preamp section of Nova 65SE is now discrete- revealing some nuances that an op amp design can’t quite do. Inputs are the same as Nova 125SE above.
The amp section of Nova 65SE is the TACIT technology- not quite as open and sweet as the Nova 125 above. But all in for a grand? Amazing value!
Ins/Outs are the same as 125SE above.

PeachTree Nova 220SE $2000 (220×2)
PeachTree Nova 220SE

While we’re covering the two Novas, let’s again brag up the first issued of the new SE Series, the Nova 220SE.
Nova 220SE runs 220×2. It uses TWO of the B&O ASX-2 IceModule amps. This gives the 220SE the same JUICE as PeachTree’s renowned Model 220 Power Amp.
I’m arm wrestling with PT as we speak.
THEY feel that this Nova 220SE is such a steal that “everyone” that needs a power amp will just buy the Nova 220SE. With the $2k spent you’ll get a great DAC, Discrete Class A Preamp, Tube or Solid State operation, headphone amp, and a 220×2 muscular amp. They feel for $2k, you can up your whole game- just do it. They might be right.
I am encouraging them to keep making the PeachTree 220 Power Amp- the same amp section they offer in the Nova 220SE. The power amp runs 220×2 for $1400. If you already have a fine preamp and or DAC, you might just want the power amp.
I do see their point. If you have an old “vintage” amp like Hafler, Dyna, or Adcom that just died, the preamp is right behind. You would be smart to just get the Nova 220SE and be done with it. We’ll see what happens but I think PT may quit offering the wonderful 220 power amp. If you’re thinking about one, snare it fast!