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GoldenEar Triton One Speakers, $5000pr

GoldenEar Triton 1

GoldenEar has introduced one tremendously successful speaker after another. There’s a new alpha lion!

It all started a few years back with the Triton 2 tower with powered subs, $3000pr. Using its version of the vaunted Heil Ribbon Tweeter, GoldenEar set new standards of smoothness and imaging in the world of affordable towers with integral subs. Before GoldenEar, such speakers were basically thought of as theater speakers where the wife wouldn’t tolerate a stand alone subwoofer. Triton 2 served that purpose as well. But mostly T-2 won audiophiles who wanted detail, kick, smoothness and great imaging.

After Triton 2, GoldenEar came out with Triton 7, $1400pr. T-7 has the same configuration of drivers sans the powered subs. Hence if you already have a powered sub (or subs!), you can go with T-7 and maintain all things good about the T-2, since you already have the bass. Also, there are applications where you just don’t want powerful bass. Be it in an apartment or condo, or home with young kids whose sleep you dare not disturb.

Yet most of us can never have enough of a good thing! There has been clamor from the dealer network for a bigger brother to T-2. Sandy of GoldenEar has been working on it quite a while. They should ship any day now. Check our LATEST tab. We’ll post when they land!

Enter Triton One. T-1 sticks with what ain’t broken. The gorgeous mid-woofs and ribbon tweeter stay the same. Where T-1 steps away from T-2 is in power. T-1 utilizes three active (1600w), 5×9 oval shaped subwoofer drivers which are in turn linked to a quad of 7×10 infrasonic radiators. You’ll hear them for yourself soon in our shop. For now, read what the first reviewer has to say:

Darryl Wilkinson of Soundandvision.com: “Triton One speakers are members of that rare breed for which words can do little justice. You simply have to listen to them- no, experience them- firsthand. What makes the Triton One so special and oh-so-worthy of over the top plaudits is how dramatically dynamic and unbelievably seamless the entire speaker is- and there’s no one single magic ingredient or special tweak to point to what makes this so. Even with your eyes open, it’s practically impossible to make yourself realize you’re not listening to living, breathing human beings playing actual instruments in front of you. They are the perfect summation of a legendary career- a magnificent magnum opus- and no one can say that better than the speakers themselves.”

Pretty tantalizing, eh?!