Emotiva Amplifiers

Last month we announced that the Emotiva gear was arriving any day. It’s here, in the flesh. What I want to introduce now is the line of power amps.

If you’re not familiar with Emo amps… wow! You’re getting so much hardware for your money that it makes “the other guys” look a bit wimpy for the dollar. These brawny amps muscle up in a number of configurations to help you run stereo or home theater.
If you’re a two channel guy, you might be running a receiver or integrated amp. It may have all the inputs you need. You don’t want to toss it. But why not muscle up? There is no down side to having the Niagra Falls instead of a passive little brook. The extra horsepower will make a big difference in the bass, and the grip on your speakers. That translates to starting/stopping. You can hear the technique of a great musician better with a speaker that is more under control. So consider running your preamp out to a power amp- to improve your sound. The Emo amps are especially enticing because $500-900 buys you substatative power.
If you’re a home theater owner, you should consider a multi-channel amp. That 5×100 rating on your receiver is bogus. Sorry to say, the surround guys are not honest in their ratings because the standard of rating isn’t the same as two channel. Your 5×100 is really more like 5×50 in the real world of multi-channel operation.
Why not consider an XPA-5 or XPA-7? Use the pre outs from your current receiver and see what your speakers have been holding back! I promise, you’re only hearing half of what they can give you- if you’re running a receiver. There’s only so much room for an on board amp. Even the best receivers produce mid level water pressure. Upgrade to Niagra Falls!

Emotiva XPA-2


Emotiva XPA-200



XPA-1, $1100, Monoblock, 600×1 or 60w Pure A (24Transistors, 73lbs)
XPA-1L, $600, Monoblock, 250×1 or 35w Pure A (16T, 35lbs)
XPA-100, $400, Monoblock, 250×1 (6T, 27lbs)
SA-250, $1400, Stereo, 250×2 (20T, 58lbs)
XPA-2, $900, Stereo, 300×2 (20T, 73lbs)
XPA-200, $500, Stereo, 150×2 (8T, 31lbs)
Mini-x-a-100, $219, Stereo, 50×2 with level control (4T, 11lbs)
XPA-5, $1000, 5×200 (30T, 71lbs)
XPA-3, $800, 3×200 (18T, 69lbs)
XPA-7, $1600, 7×200 (42T, 96lbs)

GoldenEar ForceField 5 Subwoofer, $1000
GoldenEar Force Field 5
There are a thousand and one powered subwoofers out there. One of the best values is the GE FF-5.
For only a grand, it has a front firing powered (1500w!!) 12” CAST FRAME, long throw woofer and a floor firing Quadratic Planar Radiator (12.75×14.5). The cabinet shape isn’t rectangular or cubed- to avoid standing waves and booming. The woofer has long travel capability and has a powerful, high gauss magnet assembly. GE employs DSP to tune the sub very specifically.
When you analyze what the other guys offer for about a grand, you won’t find nearly as much value as you get from GE.
Most importantly, GE has sold zillions of its various subs and its track record for reliability is second to none. Whether for theater or music, GE subs are strong and up to your task!
Truth is, most powered subs have sissy amps that break when you ask them to do some push ups. Why else would you buy a sub but to throw bar bells around the room?

Other Models:
FF-3, $500, 8” (1000w), Floor firing radiator, 9 5/8×11 3/8
FF-4, $700, 10” (1200w), Floor firing radiator, 11×14


Great Album Cover
poco legend
Do you remember this awesome album cover?
The band, Poco.
The album “Legend.”
Who did this creative, simple and ever lasting art?
Phil Hartman from Saturday Night Live- in his pre comedy career!

phil hartman with mike