GoldenEar Triton Reference Speakers In Stock! $8500 Per Pair

GoldenEar has begun shipping its new Triton Reference speakers. GoldenEar has made great value speakers since its inception. The T-Ref is no exception despite its up market price tag.
T-Ref is larger than its brethren, of course. This allows the use of two new 6” mid-woofs used in a D’Appolito config. Centered between them is a spiffed up new ribbon tweeter. The speaker is rounded out with three, 6×10” powered subs. The amp is 1800w with DSP control. T-Ref is tuned with four, 9 1/2×10 ½ side firing Quadratic Radiators, two per side, per cabinet.
There’s a ton of hardware and detail to T-Ref. Please visit to hear them. What you’ll notice immediately is the huge, expansive image. The muscle of the bass is subterranean. While the towers are sizable, they’re not as big as a lot of the big boy cabinets out there these days.
Since the sub woofers are powered, your amp only sees the mid/woofs and ribbon tweeter. T-Ref runs just under 94dB SPL! Hence despite being large, you don’t need a zillion watts to drive them. Visit to hear the best GoldenEars yet!
58H, 9 1/4w, 22 1/4d, base is 13 5/8w, 22 1/4d, 108lbs each.
GoldenEar Reference link

GoldenEar Triton 3+, $2500 Per Pair: Sleek Speaker, Huge Value!

We’re often asked which speaker is the best choice when the boss says, it has to be attractive and sleek. The answer is easy these days.
GoldenEar’s Triton 3+ touches all the bases. It’s got GE’s famed ribbon tweeter. It’s got a powered (800w) subwoofer (5×9) built into EACH tower. All your amp sees is the midrange & tweeter so it’s easy to drive. It’s got a powerful cast frame mid driver with no back wave occlusion. It’s got GE’s smooth top end and stunning imaging capabilities.
It does all this at a modest size and price. You can drive it with anything from a lightweight
surround receiver to fire throwing monster power amp. No speaker out there is as flexible for him, and her, as the Triton 3+. (44h, 7w, 13d.)




Conductor Sir Thomas Beecham (1879-1961)

“All my life when I have made gramophone records and listened to the tests, I have annoyed those around me by turning up the knob so the music is played fortissimo. I want to hear every note played. Although the effect may be distressing to the average ear, it is illuminating and edifying to mine, who am a workman in this. I don’t make records for my own amusement. I make them to sell in the open market and it is my duty to see that all I have striven to do, with the orchestra, comes off with the utmost clarity possible.”