Bryston Model A Sub
Due in any day! Bryston A Series Subwoofer, $2000 (17h, 17.75w, 15.25d)

While announced a couple months back, Bryston’s new, A Series sub will ship “any day.” The A Sub is a unique animal configured to be super tight- to do justice to music as well as movies. The A Sub is a rear ported cube. The forward portion of what you see is wood. In the cabinet are dual, opposing ten inch, long throw, vibration canceling subwoofers. Bryston includes a sophisticated crossover and 400w RMS amp with linear power supply. This is a different design from everyone else who uses switching supplies in subs.
The opposing woofs in the thick cabinet cancel unwanted resonances and ensure tight response- appropriate for music and movies. Most subs are boomers for theaters.
The A Sub is of special interest to those of you with Magnepans or Monitor L&R wing speakers. The A Sub will integrate with fast speakers better than traditional sub designs.
Most companies claim their sub amp wattage on a peak rating. Bryston goes RMS- the conservative approach. Bryston produces a weighty, powerful, but tight kick.

Magnepan MG .7
Magnepan MG .7 $1400 per pair

The Absolute Sound Magazine has awarded Magnepan a Golden Ear Award for 2015 in loudspeakers.
“I was delighted to discover that the Maggie consistently delivered a beautiful and open presentation graced with a striking measure of air and light. Sound staging was stunning across a wide range of music. The combination of the .7’s remarkable reproduction of ambient space along with its natural way with timbre makes it a particularly good choice for acoustic music recorded live in a studio or in an actual hall. They’re terrific.”

By the way, if you love the sound of Maggies and yet want the thunder of something down under… read the above post on the Bryston’s new A Sub!
GoldenEar Triton 5
Golden Ear Triton 5 Speakers, $2000 per pair
TAS Reviews, “I enjoyed hour after hour of satisfying listening. I know that these speakers will appeal to a lot of audiophiles, but I can’t help hoping that they will also entice anyone (like me all those years ago) who might be looking for a reasonably priced first speaker. In sum, Sandy Gross has hit another home run. For anyone considering a loudspeaker under $10k, the Triton 5 isn’t just an option. It’s a must audition.”
Most Sold Rock Album?
Nope. Not “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. That’s what I thought too. It’s the Eagles’ “Greatest Hits”- over 29 million and still selling!