New! Marantz Surround Receivers

Every couple of years Marantz revises its line of surround receivers. The time has come and the new models are now on hand.
Before going on to specific models and features, why should you buy a Marantz surround receiver vs something else? Virtually all surround receivers have plenty of features now. What makes Marantz better is technology that provides better audio/video performance than the other guys.
For openers, Marantz receivers use high current amplifiers, as opposed to voltage amplifiers. The high current amps sound more gutsy. They don’t distort as quickly. They sound more controlled within any level of listening. Marantz receivers ALL use discrete output transistors- no hybrid chips. Marantz also builds large mechanical heat sinks into its receivers so they don’t need fans.
The other guys need mutli-speed, noisy fans to prevent over heating. Marantz receivers use HDAM technology which employs discrete components on sections of the board where the other guys will use chip op amps.

Now With Wi-Fi, Airplay & Bluetooth
All these receivers now feature Wi-Fi, Airplay and Bluetooth operation, Smartphone ap operation, 4K pass through and a 3 year warranty, parts and labor. The other guys have a shorter warranty and often exempt the remote! That’s big deal cuz the remotes of today are in fact fairly expensive little computers.

Marantz NR-1605

NR-1605 $700: 7.1 Receiver, 50x7ch, Transcodes up to HDMI
Slim line design, only 4 9/64”h.
Marantz SR-5009
SR-5009 $900: 7.2 Receiver, 100x7ch, Transcodes up to HDMI
More muscular bigger brother. 6.3” h.
SR-6009 $1300: 7.2 Receiver, 110×7, Transcodes up to HDMI
Weighty sound for higher testosterone speakers!
Marantz SR-7009
SR-7009 $2000: 9.2 Receiver, 125×7, Transcodes up to HDMI
Incorporates new Dolby Atmos circuitry. Discs with the Dolby Atmos code can take advantage of two more pairs of HIGH speakers. Yup, Atmos employs two more pairs of speakers than you currently have with your existing 5 or 7 speakers. You would run L&R high front, and rear. OR, L&R front & rear CEILING. The plan yields further immersion in your movie or music experience.
Camille Saint-Saens (1835-1921)

Saint-Saens’ precocious piano talent was recognized early. He was a sought after performer and composer for almost all of his very long life. With that territory came uncountable requests from aspiring composers to have him look over their work and provide tutelage.
Saint-Saens famously did not look at them and replied by form letter, “Dear sir: When I was young I composed music just as bad as yours, but the idea of obliging an old man like myself to bear the consequences of it never entered my head.”