$10,940 Music System

Bryston Middle T

Speakers: Bryston Middle Ts, $6240 per pair

Bryston’s Middle T speakers are only 40” tall and 10.5” wide. They don’t take a up a huge footprint in your room. The sound, however, is powerfully expressive! Middle T was made to be somewhat modest in size, which it is. The performance however, can roar like a lion.
Listening to a stand up bass in a jazz trio…
Listening to drum kit…
Listening to a singer with lots of energy…
These are all things the Middle T will provide with life sized power, while still coasting. Bryston feels there are plenty of fine sounding speakers on the market. But Bryston felt the need to provide speakers that don’t sound compressed as you look for volume that would approach live levels.
Hence the entire line of Bryston speakers has been designed to sound smooth and deliver a boatload of octane. If you want the impact of a live performance Bryston is your conduit!




Integrated Amp: Hegel H-160, $3500, 150×2

Hegel H160
One of my favorite amps in the world is the H-160. It has enough power to drive any speaker well. Its clarity and precision are as good as it gets. With a damping factor over 1000 and no negative feedback, there’s only love and affection for the H-160.
It has a fantastic on board DAC, ethernet input & works via Airplay. It has one variable and one fixed output (add a sub or bigger amp- nah, you don’t need a bigger amp!). It accepts one set XLR ins.
Aurally neutral, the H-160 is stone quiet and tight in the bass. Rock solid grip and control is the name of the game with Hegel. When mated up with Bryston you get a marriage made in heaven.

CD Player: Marantz SA-8005 CD/SACD Player $1200

Marantz SA-8005 SACD Player
Marantz’s SA-8005 is an exquisite disc player. It plays regular (Red Book) CDs and SACDs. If you are not a proponent of SACDs, you should be!
SACDs have 64x more info on them than Red Book discs. Red Books can sound wonderful. But SACDs deliver state of the art sound. There’s a noticeable improvement on acoustic music for sure.
SA-8005 reveals a good deal more information than $500 CD players- even on Red Book discs. The icing on the cake is that SA-8005 lets you dive into the deep end of the audiophile pool since it does a stellar job with SACDs!
To surpass SA-8005 you have to go to $4k and get Marantz’s own SA-11S3. If you want to do that, by all means, we have that one too!

Kimber Speaker Kable

Kimber 4PR Speaker Cable
Round your system out with a little Kimber Kable and away you go. Kimber Kable is braided to provide smooth, RFI free sound.