GoldenEar SuperSub XXL $2000 (15 3/4h, 18 7/8w, 15 1/4d)

With dual opposing 12” drivers and a 1600w amp with DSP, XXL reaches a new level of performance from GoldenEar. While the sound is prodigious, this Dual-Plane technology controls resonance like never before. You can run the sub to strong levels and still see a nickel sit on its edge without tipping over.
This is no one note wonder. There’s ample detail and texture in its sound. Yet the output is WAUMPUS! If you want big time power yet control, SuperSub XXL sets new standards.
We’ve seen dual-plane subs before by Bryston and B&W among others. They’re very tight and musical. Yet this new GoldenEar delivers more prodigious theater performance.
For those of us that like music as much or more than theater, the Dual-Plane technology is among the most serious designs. We’ve had rumbling, thundering subs for ages. But to achieve this improved level of control and accuracy, is something to take note of.

Marantz SR-6010 Surround Receiver $1400 (110×7)
Marantz’s new receiver features the best characteristics of “the old” and “the new.” The old is, that Marantz uses a current feedback amp design with discrete output transistors. Most of the other guys use voltage amps and hybrid chips. Hence the Marantz is heavier, sounds more muscular and doesn’t need fans. Marantz still has a generous 3 year warranty, P&L.
Marantz has successfully built reliable surround receivers for many years. Newcomers stumble despite promises. We can’t emphasize enough- that just because company X advertises they have a great surround receiver that works- you can’t necessarily believe it! A surround receiver or prepro requires state of the art technical chops. Only a select few companies can do this reliably. Marantz is among the best.
In addition to 110×7, SR-6010 has Dolby Atmos with processing for four Atmos speakers. Most competitors only process for two- which makes the whole move to Atmos barely worth it. The upgrade to Atmos with four speakers is a stunning step up! SR-6010 supports HDMI 2.2 and will pass copy guarded 4k material.
SR-6010 also has preamp outputs for all channels, which allows you to muscle up to a separate amp if your speakers are worthy!

New Bryston Phono Products:

Bryston is introducing small scale phono preamps for very serious record playing fans.
As always, you can expect a dead silent noise floor from Bryston, which is not a given in the phono preamp world.

Bryston BMC $2750
(Includes PS-3 Power supply)
Phono Preamp, supports MM and MC

Bryston BMM $1800
(Includes PS-3 Power supply)
Phono Preamp, supports MM

Bryston TF-2 Transformer $1500
Phono MC step up transformer