Welcome To Hegel Audio (Oslo, Norway, founded 1988)


Hegel Audio products are arriving at Audio Emporium. We have had our eye on Hegel for several years. There have been recent product developments that have convinced us NOW is the time to dive in.

For openers, Hegel offers three outstanding values in integrated amplifiers. The amplifier design of these integrateds, and Hegel’s monster separate amps, is the same. You get more thunder as you spend more.

Hegel’s DualAmp Technology features two distinct gain stages. The first one is for voltage. The second one is for current. Remember the term “Current Dumping Amplifier?” The result is a feed forward design with no negative feedback.

SoundEngine is Hegel’s patented error-canceling circuit. By comparing input to output signals, SoundEngine corrects for distortion, yielding a smoother, more musical result while maintaining stupendous damping factor. Really- you won’t believe the warmth and bass impact!

Hegel is getting high accolades in the audiophile press for its musicality. It is known for great control and staying out of the way of the music. Hegel uses AB topology, heavy chassis design, massive toroidal transformers, discrete circuitry and hand matched FETs. This culminates in a unique ability to start and stop your speakers quickly- with substantial bass impact.

Integrated Amps
H-80 $2,000: 80×2 with on board DAC, 27lbs
H-160 $3,500: 150×2 with on board DAC, DLNA interface & Airplay, 42lbs
H-300 $5,500: 250×2 with on board DAC, 57lbs

DAC: HD-12, $1,400, featuring DSD 64 conversion

P-20 $2,900
P-30 $7,500

Power Amps
H20 $5,750: 200×2
H4SE $10,000: 300×2
H-30 $15,000: 350×2 or 1100 mono
H-80Hegel H80
H-160Hegel H160
H-300Hegel H300
HD-12Hegel HD12
H-20Hegel H20
H-30Hegel H30