NAD Electronics

NAD continues its emphasis on modestly priced, muscular integrated amps. The bass, dynamics and power of NAD integrateds are legendary. The CD players are simple and clean.
There are two D products stealing thunder throughout our industry as they interface with computers and other audio gear. As always, the prices are extremely competitive!

Integrated Amps:

These first three integrateds are classic, thunder and lightning products.
They’re analog in design and feature the strongest amp sections in the integrated world for the money. These sound warm on top and thick on the bottom!
The designation BEE stands for designer Bjorn Erik Edvardsen, who has been with NAD since the 70s.

C-356BEE $800, 80×2, Class AB, Power Drive, Soft Clipping, AB Spkrs, 2 pre outs

C-326BEE $550, 50×2, Class AB, Power Drive, Soft Clipping, pre out

C-316BEE $380, 40×2, Class AB, Power Drive


These two models are newer, Hypex D designs. Digital inputs only.
The Hypex D technology is considered in the top echelon of amp designs. Many big names like Rogue, Meridian and others use Hypex modules. These are throttled down for power and price, of course. Yet you get a real dose of literally unmeasureable distortion, .00%!

D-7050 $800, 50×2 Hypex D design:
DAC on board, DLNA, Airplay, Wifi, Bluetooth, USB A & B, 2 Opt & 2 Coax In, Sub out

D-3020 $400, 30×2 Hypex D design:
DAC on board, No Airplay/DLNA, does have Bluetooth, USB-B (not A), Sub out
CD Player
C-516BEE $300, Single Play, Sigma/Delta DAC on board, OPT & Coax Outs


Marantz SR-7010 Surround Receiver $2200 (125×9)
Marantz’s new top of the line receiver features Dolby Atmos processing for four Atmos speakers, and has nine channels of amplification on board. Hence SR-7010 is a one stop solution for those of you that want to run a 5.1.4 system.
We love Dolby Atmos. To be set up properly, you need to run four Atmos speakers, not two. Most surround receivers that do feature the Atmos processing take the cheap way out and only process for two. SR-7010 (& SR-6010) process four. Since SR-7010 has more power and nine channels, you’re good to go.
Emotiva XDA-2 DAC: Close out special $199!
XDA2G2_FRONT_2 copy

Talk about a crazy good value! Here’s a fine 24-192 DAC built like the proverbial brick outhouse!
Inputs include USB-B, Two Coax, Two OPT and even one XLR! Outputs are RCA AND XLR!
There’s more.
In addition to being a fine sounding DAC, built in a full sized chassis like a tank, the unit can function as a PREAMP if you just have the above digital sources! Remember it has RCA AND XLR outs! There’s even a headphone jack on the front panel. All this for $200? Really? When other companies are offering tiny wall warts that weigh under a pound for $500?!