Now In! GoldenEar SuperSub X $1250 (1400w amp with DSP, 12 3/4h, 14w, 13 1/4d, 31lbs)


We’ve been anticipating this bad boy for almost a year! That’s because about a year ago, the GoldenEar SuperSub XXL ($2k) arrived and raised the bar for subwoofer performance!

XXL was the first sub to have Dual Plane technology, left/right AND top/bottom. With built in 1600w power amp and DSP. XXL was most appropriately dubbed “King Kong in a tuxedo!” GoldenEar has received a patent for this design!

XXL produces more thunderous power while staying on the tracks better than any sub we’ve ever heard. That’s saying a lot because we’ve had many fine subs from many manufacturers for many years. But it’s not even close. When XXL walked in the door, there was a new sheriff in town.

Enter a chip off the old block, the SuperSub X.
SuperSub X employs opposing 8” woofs left/right, and opposing infrasonic radiators, top/bottom. Put those under the vice grip control of a 1400w amp and DSP, and you’ve got a significantly smaller footprint in your room- that punches way above its weight class.

SuperSub X has redefined the performance you can achieve for well under $2k! If your goal is to get muscular performance from a mid sized sub, or to put a tyrannosaurus in your living room, SuperSub X is the right sub for you.

At mid size and weight, SuperSub X punches like a heavyweight, yet stays under control. Whether you need a tight musical sub for Magnepans, or a barn burner for home theater, we’re confident SuperSub X will fill the bill. We’re thrilled to be able to offer our best sub ever that’s just over a grand!


PeachTree Nova 300 Delay
The Nova 300 ($2300, 300×2 8 ohms, 450×2 4 ohms) integrated amp has been delayed because Apple has changed the protocol for the USB-A input. If you would like a Nova 300 but don’t need the USB-A input, we can provide one right away at a promotional price. If you do want the USB-A input, PT is dancing with Apple to “get ‘er done.”
With robust power and super clean sound without distortion artifacts, N300 has a wide array of inputs. Aux 1, Aux 2 (you can config this to be MM Phono), 2 Opticals, 1 Coax. 1 USB-B, 1 USB-A. It also has a preamp out so you can run a powered sub or another amplifier.
We hope to have N300 in stock before Christmas with the USB-A input operable. This notice is to point out, if you don’t care about USB-A, we can provide it now.
Just to remind you, N150 and N300 are built in North America!

Paladin’s Man Cave
Did you know Richard Boone was an audiophile? Have Stereo, Will Listen. JBL Paragon, open reel, vinyl, he was even cooler than Paladin himself! But that room looks more than a little resonant.