Hegel H190 Integrated Amp, $4000 (150×2)


Hegel H190

Hegel has just spiffed up its mid line integrated amp. H190 has the same power as its predecessor, but now has double the damping factor. Double the damping factor means more grip.
H190 can get your speakers to start and stop faster. Double the damping factor means increased dynamic range, yielding the most noticeable improvement in H190.
Hegel has improved its patented Sound Engine Technology. Now it’s called Sound Engine 2 (SE2). SE2 is similar to current dumping. With no global feedback you get a cleaner, more immediate sound. SE2 helps create high current so you get more of everything we audiophiles love about a great hi-fi. H190 will drive the most hungry speakers out there nicely. Running H190 with Maggies or GoldenEars provides a particular synergy. These speakers have ribbon tweeters so the smoothness of Hegel is easily revealed.
H190 has a nice array of ins/outs and now even has a headphone jack- which its predecessor did not. One set XLR analog, ins, two RCA analog ins, one Coax, three OPTs, USB-B and Network. Outs include one set variable and one set fixed.
H190 has Airplay and a Network input as well. Hegel combines audiophile performance with modern convenience operation!

Emotiva B-1 Loudspeakers $300 Per Pair (10 3/4h, 7 1/8w, 8 1/4d)

You don’t have much money to spend for this project. But you want great detail. You don’t need a lot of thunder. In fact, given the application, you might not ever play it loud. Perhaps you’re talking about a Den or Master Bedroom. You want quality but don’t need a lot of quantity. What’s a good option?
How about the Emo B-1? At only three bills per pair you get a 5 1/4” woven fiber mid/woofer
and a RIBBON TWEETER! The clarity is excellent- even at low volume. The bass is surprisingly full
when the speaker is placed on a shelf.
While it doesn’t have the impact of the GoldenEar Aon 3 or Quad S-1, at only $300
it does have a delightfully transparent ribbon tweeter and provides excellent air and space at modest volumes.

GoldenEar Built In Speakers

GoldenEar offers a wide line of built in, “architectural” speakers. They make speakers for background & higher level performance. Most have GE’s highly respected ribbon tweeter which delivers the same smooth sound as their cabinet speakers.

GE has just introduced a new entry model, Invisa 600, $400 per pair. The 600 uses a 6” poly mid/woof and 1” Titanium domed tweeter. While not as refined as their ribbons, Invisa 600 offers a tremendous value in a price range where the alternative is flimsy “builder speakers.” We welcome GoldenEar’s inexpensive built-in option for customers who are building or remodeling and want good sound on for a low price.


Bohemian Rhapsody: 1975

Everyone knows Queen had a monster hit with Bohemian Rhapsody. Did you know it was written by an astrophysicist who went on the be the chancellor of John Moore’s University?
Yep, Brian May was also Queen’s lead guitar player. Talk about a man of many talents!