$2500 And Killer!

GoldenEar Triton 3+, $2500 per pair


You have $2500 per pair to spend for your new speakers. You’ve got less than the perfect listening room. You’ve never been thrilled with how speakers sounded in the spots they have to go. It seems you’ve had too little bass, or too much bass. You don’t have a big Bryston amp in your budget to control hungry speakers. Your wife is fine with new speakers but they have to go in the real estate allotted. What speakers should you consider?

How about the newly improved GoldenEar Triton 3+ ?

The price is right.
They’re not too big. In fact, they’re pretty sleek. She’ll like the look.

They’re not too thirsty. All your amp sees is a 4 1/2” Cast, Mid-Bass driver and a ribbon tweeter. Hence you can drive them with virtually any amp. Oh, and these drivers are within their own chamber in the cabinet. This tower is not a booming mess where everything echos around. The sound is distinct and clear.

But that’s NOT all you will HEAR. Each Triton 3+ tower has a tightly controlled, powered subwoofer on board!

Each woofer is 5×9 and driven by an 800w, DSP controlled power amp (on board). T3+ also employs two 6 3/4×8” Quadratic Infrasonic Radiators. This array of drivers with a prodigious 800w amp puts bass performance in your hands. Do you like your bass lean? Heavy? Or just right? It’s up to YOU!

GoldenEar is checking a lot of boxes for this size and price. The image and balance of the speakers are classic GoldenEar. That means they produce a convincing center image even if the speakers are spread much wider than you would like. If you haven’t experienced GoldenEar speakers before, please visit and treat yourself to a test drive. This phenomena of having speakers
ten feet apart and the singer rock solid in between them is uncanny. You’d swear she’s standing there!

Also typical of GoldenEar, the frequency balance is smooth, not bright. Due to each powered sub having its own control, you can quickly, easily dial in the T3+ speakers for YOUR room and YOUR taste.

If your speakers have to go near the back wall in a corner, you’ll run the bass control down further than if you pulled them out into the room. The speakers are not clunky boxes and won’t sound boomy. In fact, given the 4 1/2” mid-bass and ribbon tweeter, T3+ is conspicuously the right choice for lousy rooms and lousy speaker placement!

T3+ is 44h, its base is 11 1/2w, 16d