Affordable Power For Magnepans

Magnepan MG1.7

Magnepan MG .7


Magnepan MG .7 ($1400pr) and MG 1.7i ($2200pr) are so good, and so affordable, that we are delighted to see a lot of NEWBIES buying pans. The next question asked is usually, how much power do I need?

If you listen at any REASONABLE volume, you’ll find that Maggies are not overtly thirsty. Being a 4 ohm load, your amp will double its power into them. We have gutsy 50×2 integrated amps from NAD (C326BEE, $550) and Emotiva (TA-100 $400) that do a nice job to get you started.

The MG .7 in particular, at a less intrusive size and price, is finding its way into homes where people value the lifelike scale of live performance. For example, you could actually have a singer
songwriter visit your living room to perform FOR YOU. The singer and guitarist, sometimes one and the same, could easily cozy up your living room by sitting on a stool and playing. A lot of living rooms are big enough to accommodate a jazz trio. Every living room needs an acoustic piano!

Maggies can cast a realistic SIZED image. They can depict the air and space of the room the recording was made in. If you’re willing to make a little room for THEM, they can bring the musicians to YOU!

Integrated Amp Options
NAD makes its new C368 ($900, 80×2) and C388 ($1600, 150×2). I’m happy to endorse both as affordable options to drive the pans.
Soon to ship is C338 ($650, 50×2). I’m going to be awfully surprised if it DOESN’T do a fine job as well. Here we have affordable, full featured integrateds that do the job!







Separate Options
Emotiva’s entry choice is the PT-100 Preamp ($300) and A300 Power Amp ($400, 150×2). There is no question that you can drive Maggies nicely for $700! We have this set up to hear. No appointment necessary.
Ah, but Maggies are REALLY GOOD! To get a lot more out of them, please consider the Emo XSP-1 preamp ($1200) and XPA2G3 ($1000, 300×2) power amp. For $2200 you’re absolutely crashing down barriers like a bull in a china shop! This combo creates magic at a cheap price!
Leave a few buxx for nice balanced interconnects and fine speaker kable. That’s because this latter pair is indeed truly balanced gear and can derive incredible nuance and subtlety from the glorious Maggies!



Emotiva A-300 Stereo Amp