Best $600 Per Pair Speakers!

I admit that lately I’ve been stuck on the topic of… poor quality audio “journalism.”

Our mags and E-zines aren’t helping us make sense out of products. They’re simply writing “copy” not to annoy anybody. The purpose of the publication is NOT to help you make sense out of what to buy. It is to garner advertising money from the vendors.

Everything you read these days says that any bucket of bolts is near state of the art, a great deal and well worthy of your consideration.

When I see a Seas midrange and tweeter in a bookshelf speaker for $7500 per pair getting raves, I shake my head. When I see a $16k per pair set of tiny towers earning great press, utilizing virtually the same 8” Skanspeak paper woofer that 50 other companies use in far cheaper speakers, I shake my head.

I’m not saying these speakers sound lousy. I’m not saying they’re no good. I AM saying they are not a good value unless you want to pay for holy water.

My theory is, if you’re going to complain, you have to present an alternative. This brings me to one of the best values in the speaker world. If you have even $600 per pair, you can buy incredible loudspeakers!

When I opened Audio Emporium in 1977, one of the finest values in the loudspeaker world was made by Magnepan. The MG-1 sold for $500 per pair. By the early 80s it was up to $600 per pair.

Magnepan MMG

Magnepan MMG

Magnepan MG1

Magnepan MG-1
circa 1977


Here we are, 38 years later. Audio Emporium and Magnepan are still in biz. And one of the best values in all of audio is the remarkable Magnepan MMG for just $600 per pair. It’s really almost crazy that 38 years later, Magnepan still reigns as king of the same price range!

In the Maggie MMG we have a speaker that isn’t just a couple of generic drivers screwed into a cheap box from China. Magnepans are skillfully, hand crafted in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. MMG presents a musical image that is large and lifelike. The driver face is large, but the mass is light and responsive. The air and space around instruments is depicted accurately from the space from which it was recorded.

MMG can render the feeling of a singer, singing to you, in your room, far more convincingly than anything else at remotely near its $ class. I encourage you to visit Audio Emporium to hear the MMG and many other legitimate great values we carry.