Bryston A2 Speakers, $3230 Per Pair

$3k per pair is probably our most popular price point for speakers. Here’s what I think you should consider when shopping for speakers in this price range.

First of all, the disparity in performance among speakers is GINORMOUS. You can select two competitors at any price point and find they sound nothing alike.

It’s unlike amplifiers. If you start comparing power amps at $3k, of course there will be differences, but they’ll be subtle compared to speaker differences.

20 Year Warranty!

Bryston warranties its speakers, pre-amps and amps, for 20 years! With anyone else, 5 is doing well.

Avoid Compressed Sound!

Bryston A2 weighs 62 pounds. It’s a middle linebacker with an attitude. First and foremost, A2 makes virtually every competitor in its price strata shake in its boots.

Bryston entered the speaker biz understanding that giving you muscular volume without compressing, is vital to its success. A2 delivers the music while sounding like it’s coasting. Even if you get the volume up to real life levels, A2 can hang right in there. If you want music to sound real in scale, in your living room, this is important!

For example, you COULD PUT A JAZZ TRIO in your living room. The Bryston A2s will present a much more convincing presentation of the actual size and weight of the band- than the other guys!

Most speakers in this range are built in Asia. Part of that reality is shipping is costly. Hence saving money on WEIGHT is a huge part of the design brief. I have yet to hear an import from half a world away perform even close to the testosterone of A2!
Bryston A2 pair


A2 starts life with a heavy cabinet (62 lbs!) which employs substantial internal bracing. The two 6.5” ceramic coated aluminum woofers have massive magnets that barely fit in the box. If you pick up a Bryston 6.5” woof and compare it to virtually anything else- the Bryston is about double the size and weight. This helps deliver solid, room quaking bottom end. Bryston uses two, so the excursion can be minimized to control distortion.


A2 uses a ceramic coated aluminum midrange driver with a very heavy magnet structure. Oh, and they use TWO for minimal excursion and lower distortion than asking one to work harder. Bryston mids are housed in their own enclosures within the cabinet.


A2 uses Titanium tweeters with heavy magnet structures. And as you can guess, it uses TWO to minimize excursion and lower distortion. If you run one tweeter and play your music at high octane volume, you’re walking a tightrope. Not so with A2.
Further, the Brystons are voiced to be smooth, not bright. We sell A2s to fans of the classics
as well as rock & roll & jazz.

Make It Real

Why the big spiel about low compression, heavy cabinets and powerful magnets? Does it really matter THAT MUCH? Yep, it does. Have a listen to about ten seconds of a stand up bass fiddle in our store and you’ll know- el pronto- what I’m bragging up IS TRUE!