Bryston A3 Theater

Bryston A-3 Black

Bryston A3 Home Theater: $6245

It was a riot to hear a long time customer’s reaction to this theater. “Are you JOKING me?!”
Bryston introduced speakers in the fall of 2012. The reception has been nothing less than spectacular. The line is now broad and amazingly affordable.
Bryston delivers sound with less compression than anybody else out there. What that means for you is, deeper bass and more muscle… while coasting. You never hear the Brystons stress. The musical timbre is “Steinway True,” whether the volume is low, or high.
Bryston does it by putting more hardware in its speakers than anyone else for the MSRP. The A3 towers weigh 53 pounds each. The cabinets are thick and internally braced in approximately six places. They’re not hollow boxes with a little wool tossed in there. The A3 uses two, massive 6.5” cast frame, ceramic coated aluminum woofers. They use one 4” ceramic coated aluminum midrange with an extremely heavy magnet. The tweeter is a Titanium dome with a heavy magnet structure- and uses the flange/face for further heat sinking. This combination of attention and investment makes for a prodigious sound-stage which can support home theater without a sub. Visit us and we’ll prove it to you!
The Bryston speakers sound great with modest power. And yet, they have more and more to reveal if you go north. By the way, the warranty is only TWENTY YEARS on Bryston speakers.


Speakers: $4745

R&L Front:

Bryston A3 towers, $2775pr: (37.5h, 9.25w, 15d, 55lbs)


Bryston AC-1 Micro $560: (7.5h, 17w, 7.5d, 16lbs)


Bryston Mini A’s $1410pr (15.5h, 8.5w, 8.25d, 14lbs)



Bryston AC-1 MicroBryston Mini A Black


Surround Receiver: $1500


Marantz SR-6012, 110 X 9

We don’t expect you to just take our word for it. You can, but… showing off our gear is what we like to do best. That’s the fun part of our biz!

Stop in to take a test drive with this Bryston A3 Theater. You’ll be asking where we’ve hidden the subwoofer. Really, you will! And yet we promise, you won’t need one.

As you hear the full package of Bryston speakers integrate, it’s actually downright scary what you can get for just over $4k in speakers.