Bryston AC-1 Mini Center Speaker Promo

Bryston AC-1 Mini Center Speaker Promo
Regular Price $1350
Promo Price $999

We had an order for three Bryston AC-1 Mini Center Speakers for a theater job. It’s a fairly large center speaker and… mistakes happen. Turns out they were too large for the project.

When you build a cabinet it is best to look at the dimensions of the spec’d speaker, instead of assume that all “mini” speakers are about the same size.

So…. We have three AC-1 Mini’s, a stunningly robust center channel speaker at a great promo price. The warranty is only TWENTY YEARS!

We will sell one for $999 or if you’re a candidate for all three, give me a call.

One Titanium Tweeter
One 4” Ceramic Coated Midrange Driver
Two 6.5” Ceramic Coated Woofers

11.5h, 30w, 13.9d, 48 lbs