Bryston Model A Subwoofer

Bryston A Subwoofer $2000 (17h, 17 .75w, 15.25d)

There are a thousand and one subwoofers on the market. Why do we need another? The market is starting to get hip to, and heat up, re the topic of DUAL OPPOSING drivers. The theory is you’ll get deep clean bass and the distortion will be canceled out. It works!

My prediction is that you’ll see everyone and his brother come out with a model of this design soon as the technology is unassailable.

We invite you to audition the new Bryston Model A Subwoofer, finally on display.

It is first and foremost, a musical sub. It is designed to reveal texture and timber more than serving as a theater sledge hammer. I love it on kettle drums and stand up bass fiddles. Treat yourself to “Entry March of the Boyars” by John Halvorsen, a Norwegian composer (1864-1935). It features kettle drum rolls and thwacks. Great fun! Toss on a great jazz trio like Bill Charlap’s. Adding the Sub A, even to various Maggies, makes the music fit like a glove.

Model A has DUAL OPPOSING 10” woofers. Each is driven by its own 400w power amp. Each has its own linear supply. The sound is not typically “subwoofer rumbly.” The DUAL OPPOSING design cancels extraneous resonances. The sound is much more controlled and ultimately much different, and better, than that old boomer in your corner over there!

I’m making the prediction that even the mass oriented companies are going to copy this design, on a bantam weight scale of course, because the big boys like Bryston are showing the way.
> Finishes (vinyl) are:
Natural Cherry
Boston Cherry
Black Ash
(Boston Cherry is pictured)
Bryston Model A Sub