Bryston Music System

Bryston Model T Based Music System


Bryston Model T Speakers $8685 Per Pair

Bryston’s Model T speakers are on the short list of the finest speakers you can buy. Model T is a true full range, reference caliber speaker. They reward you for having the best possible gear in front of them. At $8685 per pair, the price is absolutely reasonable when you consider WHAT you get for the price and what the other guys give you for their price!

Model T has three GINORMOUS 8” woofers with massive magnets. Bryston has chosen three 8s
because they’re tighter and more controlled than running 10s, 12s or 15s. Bryston has two midrange drivers to share the work load and halve the excursion travel, which yields better definition. Bryston uses two tweeters to halve the excursion travel- and again, provide better definition.

Model T presents a large and powerful image when the music demands it. We find the T literally
COASTS with the vast majority of music. The dynamic, effortless sound, just feels more like the REAL THING in your living room.

All speakers are ultimately “voiced” by the designer. There can be any number of choices that will determine the speaker’s personality. You’ll find the Model T is voiced very smooth on top, which makes it a distinct pleasure vs the “other guys” who love to crank up the sizzle to grab your attention.

Let’s put together a great system, dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s, while trying to find the points of diminishing returns in an edge of the art system.

Isotek Syncro $2200 Power Cable

Syncro eliminates DC and re-balances the sine wave with active circuitry. The sonic benefit of
Syncro in this link is nothing short of stunning! You run Syncro from the wall to the Aquarius Mains Conditioner.

Isotek Aquarius Mains Conditioner $2000

Aquarius does a phenomenal job of squelching AC noise and isolates each of the six components
from each other. Using the combination of Syncro and Aquarius provides an incredibly clean/solid foundation from which to grow this system. The benefit is to make your music come from a blacker background and allow superlative attack and space to shine in spades. Further, the bass is so much tighter, you simply won’t believe the improvement!


Emotiva ERC-3 CD Player $500

Emotiva ERC-3


On a scale from 1-10, the Marantz SA-10 is a solid ten with the roof blown off. If you don’t want to spend $7k for the SA-10, buy an ERC-3 which is a solid 9 for a fraction of the price. And of course, it is BALANCED as well as single ended- with a 5 year warranty.


Bluesound Node 2 Streamer $500

Bluesound NODE-2

For streaming music in CD and MQA quality, Node 2 is the unchallenged champ of the category. For only five bills you’re in the ball game and within spitting distance of the $5k plus DACs out there. You run Node 2 analog out into your preamp and away ya go.



Mytek Liberty DAC $995

If you’d like your streaming sound to RAMP UP a notch from Node 2 at less than five large on up,
the brand new Liberty DAC is your UPGRADE!
Liberty happens to sound good with any digital source, but its most exciting benefit will be to run from Node 2’s coax out- so the Liberty can decode MQA, and play CD level too, of course. Liberty has the added GENIUS of having BALANCED outputs, as well as single ended. So if you love everything that Node 2 does, and want to improve clarity and dynamics, for a G note you’re in!


MoFi UltraDeck Turntable with Master Tracker Cartridge $2200

MoFi’s new UD is a dynamite table that sells for $1800 with no cartridge. It stands on its own as a legit bargain. It is a solidly built belt drive, with steel plates on the top plinth to minimize vibrations. The tonearm is a 10” beauty with precision bearings and Cardas wiring. The belt is a large, precision ground design to isolate motor vibration. The platter is 1.3” of Delrin as opposed to the ringing materials everyone else uses.
While you can put almost any cartridge on UD, we recommend one of the MoFi’s of course, because they’re designed to work together. The top MoFi is the Master Tracker which sells for $700 a la carte. Master Tracker is included for only four bills if you buy it with UD. Master Tracker is an MM design. It is made from a billet gray body. It has a line contact stylus. Output is 3.0 mV. Master Tracker is your best bang for the buck. What a wonderful, American built record playing system.


Emotiva XSP-1 Stereo Preamp $1200


Emotiva XSP-1

Emo’s stereo preamp is a killer! At only twelve bills the Emo is a fully BALANCED dual rail piece.
It’s all analog with two sets of balanced ins and outs, as well as single ended. It has phono MM &MC, and even a subwoofer crossover on board. This boy will slug it out with the biggest/baddest preamps going, at a fraction of their price.


Emotiva DR-2 Differential Power Amp $1600 (550×2 8ohms, 800×2 4 ohms)


DR-2 is hot off the presses and is it a giant stomper! The vast majority of power amps are NOT differential. They have a left and right channel.
Each channel pushes the speaker when asked. Then when the speaker reverses field to the other direction the amp reverses course. This happens quickly so we don’t actually hear the amplifier reversing course as it works.
A DIFFERENTIAL amp has four quadrants of operation. L+, L-, R+, R-. When DR-2 drives your speakers there is a dedicated module for each motion of your speaker’s travel. It is significantly more controlled and detailed than a traditional amp design.
Now, there are other amps that do this. Bryston does this with all its amps. The 14B-SST3 is Bryston’s 600×2 differential amp, $10,800. It’s great!
McIntosh makes the MC-302, 300×2, $6500. It is NOT a differential amp! McIntosh also makes MC-452, 400×2, $8500. It IS a differential amp.
The bottom line= you can’t beat DR-2 as an edge of the art performer at an ultra fair price. It’s built in the USA with a five year warranty- just like Mac.


Kimber Kable Hero XLR

Kimber Kable Hero Interconnects,

$220, one meter, $330 two meters
Available in XLR or RCA





Speaker Cables

Kimber Kable 8 Pair Speaker Cable,

$8 Per Foot, add $80 for bananas or spades


or better yet





Kimber Kable Monocle XL Speaker Cables

$1420 for two 6’ runs with bananas or spades
$1800 for two 8’ runs with bananas or spades