Bryston Music System

Bryston Music System $48,594

Each chef has his own recipe. When it comes to making a great music system, Bryston chefs are considered on the short list of the best in the world, regardless of price!

Bryston preamps, power amps & speakers all feature its industry renowned 20 year warranty!
Bryston digital sources have a five year warranty.

We want you to hear the full enchilada of what the Bryston chefs have created. We have on display, for you to come enjoy with no advance appointment, Bryston’s top shelf music system.

If you’ve spent any time reading audio mags lately, you’ll know there are plenty of bookshelf speakers out there that run about $20k per pair alone! They virtually all use drivers off the shelf from a parts supplier- installed in a fancy aluminum box.

This Bryston system at about $40k competes with anything, at any price!

It starts with Bryston’s unique BDP-2/BDA-3 musical source.

Bryston BDA-BDP2

It runs to Bryston’s BP-26 fully balanced preamp
Bryston BP-26 w/PS & remote
It runs to Bryston’s top B-28B-SST/3 Mono-block poweramps
Bryston 28B -Silver-
Bryston Model T (cherry & boston cherry)
And comes out of Bryston’s Model T loudspeakers.
This stunningly fine music system is just about as good as music gets outside the live venue!

Bryston BDP-2 Music Player, $3000
Bryston BDA-3 DAC $3500
Bryston BP-26 Preamp with Remote $5535
Bryston B-28B-SST/3 Mono-block power amps $11,000 ea. (1000w each)
Bryston Model T Signature Speakers $10,000pr

We suggest you link it up a fine array of Kimber Kables, as we have= $2220
BDP-2 to BDA-2: Kimber Orchid XLR, .5m $415.
BDA-2 to BP-26: Kimber Hero XLR, .5m $170
BP-26 to 28B-SST/2s: Kimber Hero XLR, 1m $220
28B-SST/3s to Model Ts: Kimber Monocle XL, two 6′ runs with bananas $1534