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Model T Signature

Model T Signeture

Model T Signature (Natural Cherry pictured) is the top version of Bryston’s Model T offerings. It comes with outboard crossover which is larger and more advanced than what is built in the Model T “Passive.” You run speaker cables into the outboard crossover- and then out of it to the T Signatures. This allows you many options! You can run one amp for the entire speaker. Or share the work load among two or even three power amps per speaker pair. The Signature (no amps on board) option would allow you to update or replace the crossover down the road as technology improves. The Model T Signature is an absolute bargain when you see what the other guys are charging these days!
52.5h, 10.5w, 16.5d, 108lbs ea.

_____ Model T Signature: Black: Real Wood $9,800pr.
_____ Model T Signature: Boston Cherry: Real Wood $9,800pr.
_____ Model T Signature: Walnut: Real Wood $9,800pr.
_____ Model T Signature: Real Rosewood: $11,00pr.
_____ Model T Custom Finish: For ex: Gloss Black or White $12,000pr.
_____ Outriggers XL Aluminum $780
_____ Outriggers Black Aluminum $500

Model T Passive


Model T Passive (Boston Cherry with Black Wood Outriggers pictured) is the most traditionally purchased version. It has an on-board crossover that you run your amp directly into. It is capable of being bi-amped or bi-wired. Bryston amps have the same input impedance so go nuts in piling them up to give the Ts a workout! Model T is legendary for its bass impact and uncompressed sound. It is equally appreciated by those of us that are “Steinway lovers” and appreciate smooth timbre! 52.5h, 10.5w, 16.5d, 108lbs ea.

_____ Model T Passive: Black: Real Wood $8,685pr.
_____ Model T Passive: Boston Cherry: Real Wood $8,685pr.
_____ Model T Passive: Walnut: Real Wood $8,685pr.
_____ Model T Passive: Real Rosewood $10,000pr.
_____ Outriggers XL Aluminum $780
_____ Outriggers Black Wood $500


Middle T


Middle T is a prodigious, mid sized tower (natural cherry pictured) in a more domestically friendly profile. Rest assured it is an extremely uncompressed, muscular speaker! 39.5h, 10.5w, 16.5d, 81 lbs ea.

_____ Middle T: Real Wood Black: $6,240pr.
_____ Middle T: Real Wood Boston Cherry: $6,240pr.
_____ Middle T: Real Walnut: $6,240pr.
_____ Middle T: Real Rosewood $7300pr.
_____ Outriggers, Black Wood $500


Mini T

Model T mini

Mini T isn’t exactly “mini.” Using the same 8” (as well as mid and tweet) as its bigger brothers, Mini T will blow away all your preconceptions of what a “shelf” speaker sounds like! 22.5h, 10.5w, 10d,
50 lbs ea. Floorstands run $500pr.

_____ Mini T: Real Wood: Black: $3700pr.
_____ Mini T: Real Wood: Boston Cherry: $3700pr.
_____ Mini T: Real Wood: Walnut: $3700pr.
_____ Mini T: Real Rosewood: $4300pr.


Model TC-1 Center

bryston tc-1 center


TC-1 Center is almost a single Model T config’d for center usage. Here is a major league center ready to keep up with the Model Ts. 10.5h, 39.5w, 16.5d, 108 lbs. Uses two 8s, 2mids, 2 tweets.

_____ TC-1 Real Wood: Black: $4435ea.
_____ TC-1 Real Wood: Boston Cherry: $4435ea.
_____ TC-1 Real Wood: Walnut: $4435ea.
_____ TC-1 Real Rosewood: $5100ea.


TC-1 Mini Center

Bryston TC-1 Mini, Boston Cherry

TC-1 Mini is Bryston’s less lethal version of a full testosterone center. Make no mistake, there is nothing mini about the TC-1 Mini! 10.5h, 29w, 10d, 55 lbs. Uses two 8s, one mid and tweet.

_____ TC-1 Mini: Real Wood Black: $3145ea.
_____ TC-1 Mini: Real Wood Boston Cherry: $3145ea.
_____ TC-1 Mini: Real Wood Walnut: $3145ea.
_____ TC-1 Mini: Real Rosewood: $3625ea.


Model TOW

Bryston TOW Boston Cherry


Bryston’s TOW (T On-Wall) is its on-wall speaker. It can be used for any speaker application and won’t disappoint with its ability to keep up with it bigger brothers. Woof is 6.5. Three inch mid, same tweet as bigger brothers. 13.5h, 9.5w, 3.5d, 11 lbs.

_____ TOW: Real Wood Black: $940ea.
_____ TOW: Real Wood Boston Cherry: $940ea.
_____ TOW: Real Wood Walnut: $940ea.
_____ TOW: Real Rosewood: $1100ea.


Model TIW

Bryston Model TIW


Model TIW (T In-Wall) is the same driver array of the TOW above- when you need built in speakers. 14H, 7.75w, 3.45d.
_____ TIW: No Wood Finish: $700ea.


Model T Powered Subwoofer

Bryston Model T Subwoofer

Bryston’s Model T Powered (600w amp built-in) Subwoofer is basically a massive chunk of the Model T, config’d for subwoofer use. 38.75h, 10.5w, 16.75d, 105 lbs.
_____ Model T Subwoofer: Real Wood Black: $5600ea.
_____ Model T Subwoofer: Real Wood Boston Cherry: $5600ea.
_____ Model T Subwoofer: Real Wood Walnut: $5600ea.
_____ Model T Subwoofer: Real Rosewood: $6500ea.


Model T Mini Powered Subwoofer

Bryston Mini T Subwoofer

Here’s the Mini T Powered Subwoofer. Once again, the term mini really doesn’t fit. Make no mistake, this is a powerful sub, a bit down sized vertically from the full sized T sub. Uses two of the 8s and the same 600w amp. 24H, 10.5w, 16.75d, 90 lbs.
_____ Mini T Subwoofer: Real Wood Black: $4200ea.
_____ Mini T Subwoofer: Real Wood Boston Cherry: $4200ea.
_____ Mini T Subwoofer: Real Wood Walnut: $4200ea.
_____ Mini T Subwoofer: Real Rosewood: $4830ea.


Model A 1 Tower

Bryston A-1 Natural


The Model A-1 Tower is largest tower of the A Series. The A Series is distinguished from the Ts in that is uses 6.5” woofs and the cabinets, while solidly braced, aren’t as thick. The A’s feature outstanding low compression drivers and maintain the T’s smooth “Steinway” timbre.
47.5h, 9.25w, 17d, 70lbs.

_____ A-1 Real Wood Black: $4330pr.
_____ A-1 Real Wood Boston Cherry: $4330pr.
_____ A-1 Real Wood Walnut: $4330pr.
_____ A-1 Real Rosewood: $5000pr.


Model A-2 Tower

Bryston A-2 Boston Cherry


A-2 is perhaps the best value in the A Series. It has the big image of A-1, provided by dual mids and tweets. Sans one woof compared to A-1, A-2 is a mid-priced bargain. 39.5h, 9.25w, 17d, 62 lbs.

_____ A-2 Real Wood Black: $3460pr.
_____ A-2 Real Wood Boston Cherry: $3460pr.
_____ A-2 Real Wood Walnut: $3460pr.
_____ A-2 Real Rosewood $4000pr.


Model A-3 Tower

Bryston A-3 Black


The A-3 tower has bass very similar to A-2 in a shorter tower. Domestically friendly at just over three feet tall, A-3 should fit into almost any living room layout. It’s a great blend of performance and cosmetics you both can love. It drops the sledge hammer with plenty of thunder so you won’t even need a sub in your living room theater! 37.5h, 9.25w, 15d, 53 lbs.

_____ A-3 Real Wood Black: $2970pr.
_____ A-3 Real Wood Boston Cherry: $2970pr.
_____ A-3 Real Wood Walnut: $2970pr.
_____ A-3 Real Rosewood: $3500pr.

Mini A Shelf Speaker

Bryston Mini A Black
The Mini A speaker is a robust 3-way. Almost everyone else at this price point is producing light-weight two ways from China. Mini A can be used in any number of applications and maintains Bryston’s quality credo. 15.5h, 8.5w, 8.25d, 11 lbs.
_____ Mini A Black Wood: $1500pr.
_____ Mini A Boston Cherry Wood: $1500pr.
_____ Mini A Walnut Wood: $1500pr.
_____ Wall Mount Brackets $150pr.

AC-1 Mini Center

Bryston AC-1 Mini Center


The AC-1 Mini Center is the full figured Center to mate with any Bryston speakers above. With good sized cabinet and drivers, AC-1 Mini is quite muscular. 11.5h, 30w, 14d, 48 lbs
_____ AC-1 Black Wood: $1550ea.
_____ AC-1 Boston Cherry Wood: $1550ea.
_____ AC-1 Walnut Wood: $1550ea.

AC-1 Micro Center

Bryston AC-1 Micro

AC-1 Micro is ideal when space is at a premium and you still want Bryston sound! Using two 5.25” aluminum woofs, and their Titanium tweet, this new guy is still a substantial center! 7.5h, 17w, 7.5d.
_____ AC-1 Micro Black Wood: $600ea.
_____ AC-1 Micro Boston Cherry Wood: $600ea.
_____ AC-1 Micro Walnut Wood: $600ea.


Model A Subwoofer

Bryston Model A Sub
The Model A Subwoofer features dual, opposing, side firing 10” drive elements in a single cabinet, powered by a 400w amplifier. The dual opposing drivers cancel unwanted vibrations and virtually eliminate cabinet colorations. Sub A has rubberized aluminum leveling feet and a heavy gauge AC line cable included.

_____ Model A Subwoofer Black Real Wood: $2360
_____ Model A Subwoofer Boston Cherry Real Wood: $2360
_____ Model A Subwoofer Walnut Real Wood: $2360
_____ Model A Subwoofer Real Rosewood: $2800