Combos Made in Heaven

There are some combinations of products that just go together. Alone they’re good. Together, they’re better than the sum of their parts. We’re talking SYNERGY here! Peanut butter and jelly. Ham and eggs. Yount & Gantner. Oscar & Kareem.

It goes for hifi too. Take great speakers like Magnepans. As great as they are, with a sissy amp, the Maggies can’t deliver. With this in mind we wanted to brag up a few Combos Made in Heaven!


Combo #1 $3400Magnepan MG .7
Magnepan MG .7 Speakers, $1400pr
Hegel H-60 Integrated Amp, $2000 (60×2)

Our entry level combo here offers a real slice of hifi magic. This combo won’t play as powerfully as the ones below, but the quality it offers is ridiculously good for the price!

Magnepan MG .7 Speakers $1400-1700pr
Magnepans offer realistic clarity and size of image. You can make a very convincing case for having put a singer, guitar or piano player in your room when you’re listening to the MG .7. At only $1400pr in its basic configuration, this Full Quasi design is a 2-way that smashes performance standards for the price. Maggies purvey acoustic music with no box coloration. Until you’ve heard what they can do for yourself, you won’t believe it.

Hegel H80
Hegel H-60 Integrated Amp $2000, 60×2
If you’re buying speakers for $1400pr, shouldn’t you spend about $700 on the integrated amp? NO! The Maggies are so good, and so revealing, that no $700 amp will do them justice. They appreciate the exquisite quality of Hegel, from Oslo, Norway. This solid A-B design allows Maggies to deliver music with the transparency they’re capable of while still having solid bass response.


Combo #2 $4400Magnepan MG 1.7

Magnepan MG 1.7i $2200pr

Among the best speaker values on the planet, MG-1.7i has detail and resolution that boxes just dream of. Even if you look at price no object boxes, you can still hear the enclosure. Not so for the Maggies. Maggies can sound detailed with any amp. But when you drive them with the Emo gear below, you’ll get more performance from them than you ever dreamed. In addition to great definition, which you would expect, you’ll have shocking levels of bass and dynamics. Drive Maggies to their best. Short of big money like Bryston, Emo is the best match on the market!



Emotiva XSP-1 $1200

Can you beat XSP-1 as a preamp value? Absolutely, positively NOT. It is a dual rail, honest to gosh, fully balanced stereo preamp. It has single ended & XLR ins and outs. There’s no preamp that will compete with XSP-1 for remotely near the price. Since it is fully balanced, you can run a balanced CD player for example (Emotiva ERC-3 $500) IN, and then run balanced out to the matching amp. This reduces noise floor and improves clarity and dynamic range. You achieve this for very affordable money!



Emotiva XPA-2G3 Power Amp $1000 (300×2 @8ohms)

This brute of an amp fires thunderbolts at your speaker- if you ask it too. With 300×2 into 8 ohms and 550×2 into 4 ohms, you’ll find no better amp value in our biz! There is literally NO speaker that won’t sound better with more power, quality being equal. Listen to a strummed cord on guitar with XPA2G3 and you’ll hear each note, instead of a blur. Singers have a more immediate presentation. Bass comes out of nowhere- bass you didn’t even know was on the disc!


Combo #3: $12,000
Magnepan MG 3.7i speakers, $6000pr
Hegel H-360 Integrated Amp, $6000 (250×2)

Combo #3 starts with the incredible Magnepan MG 3.7i speakers. The 3.7is do everything a notch better than the 1.7 above. In addition to more woofer and midrange surface area, MG 3.7i uses Magnepan’s renowned TRUE RIBBON tweeter. Many reviewers have rated the 3.7i as unsurpassed by anything at any price!

Hegel’s new H-360 integrated amp provides the handshake on this great system. With 250×2 in a muscular class AB amp, this combo at under $12k can rival literally anything on the market!
Megnepan MG 3.7MG 3.7i $6000pr Oak or Black Wood, $6500pr
Cherry, Red or Silver (71h, 24w, 2d)

The brand new MG 3.7i has only one problem. Magnepan still has not filled the pipeline for the demand of this speaker! The MG 3.7i is a 3-way with Quasi Woof, Quasi Mid, and TRUE RIBBON TWEETER. The range is greater than MG 1.7 and the TRUE RIBBON TWEETER gives you greater speed and extension on top.

Harry Pearson of The Absolute Sound: “The 3.7is can take your breath away because
they come closer to the real thing (really and truly) than any other speaker in my experience.”

Hegel H-360 Integrated Amp $6000 (250 w/ch)
Hegel H-360 front

The Hegel H-360 provides control via a waumpus damping factor, 4000!!, untouched this side of $10k. H-360 is a dual mono design, has an on board DAC (DSD 64-128), a discrete preamp and prodigious power amp section practically custom crafted for Maggies. Weighing in at 53 pounds, H-360 is blood and guts. No tricks. No short cuts! The noise floor is as silent as it comes. It’s quieter than anything with tubes which allows us classical piano fans to appreciate astonishing dynamic range.
Into the 4 ohm load of the 3.7i, H-360 will deliver over 430×2. Hegel’s already legendary, enormous damping factor (exceeds 4000!) delivers kick to the 3.7i to let them perform unlike you would expect- short of Bryston separates for $10k. Hegel is made in Oslo, not China!
Whether your source is a computer, Sonos, a disc player, H-360 is happy with all of them. Further, H-360 has XLR inputs for top echelon SACD players like the Marantz UD-7007 ($1200) and SA-11S3 ($4k). If you aren’t interested in SACDs, consider Emotiva’s ERC-3 ($500) CD player with XLR outs! Treat the Maggies with the TLC they deserve!