Cool Speakers: Small And Tall

I have to admit, over the years I have lusted. I’m talking about SPEAKERS of course! Here are a few classics that floated my boat.

Below them I’ll list a bunch of speakers we have TODAY that challenge these classics.

My first two favorites:

Magnepan Tympani 1Ds $1600pr

In the early 1970s when I dove into the hi-fi hobby, the coolest speaker on the planet was the T-1D.
To this day, I’m not sure there is a bigger statement saying “I love music!”









Magnepan MG-2 $800pr

In a single panel, the six foot MG-2 was a prominent musical statement as well.









Avantgarde Trio Classico $20k pr

Again, what a STATEMENT to have in your home! Huge, dynamic and over the top. Too
bad it doubled in USA pricing from 2001 to 2006.








B&W 801 $3500pr

Three separate chambers so each driver could do its thing.








B&W Nautilus $70k pr

Awesome snail shell look but totally absurd to drive and play music.




Dahlquist DQ-10 $800pr

Great look, though hungry and not a lotta bass.










ESS AMT-1 $600pr

Very cool with the Heil tweeter. Twas a mess in the middle and bass. But it was the first
ribbon I heard and the top was spectacular.











JBL Paragon $2000

Frank Sinatra had a pair. One wasn’t enough.






Klipsch LaScala $2500pr

The world’s biggest mini monitor. Too bad it has no real bass despite being huge.











Ohm F $1000pr

Reminded me of a space ship, but had diffuse, unfocused sound.











Quad ESL $3000pr

That’s a speaker? Late 50s… before I was a hobbyist but great look.











RH Labs Subwoofer 1 $1500

This photo doesn’t do it justice. Big dog walnut sub in the mid 70s.








RH Labs Subwoofer 2 $800

Our first powered sub! Great product for its day and handsome.








Snell Type A $1800pr

What a simple, yet cool looking box.











Sonus Faber Elipsa $20k pr

Awesome look, like a big violin. But 20k for a 10” 3-way?!











Cool Looking Speakers 2017: Small And Tall




GoldenEar Aon 3 $1000pr
Mid sized speaker with ribbon tweeter.
GolderEar Aon3








GoldenEar T3+ $2500pr
Sleek tower with ribbon tweeter and powered sub.










GoldenEar T2+ $3500pr
Bigger brother with more muscle











GoldenEar Triton 1 $5000pr
Biggest brother with more muscle











GoldenEar Triton Reference $8500pr
Due May 2017, bigger, badder & more refined










Magnepan MG .7 $1400pr
Classic Maggie look updated
Magnepan MG .7










Magnepan MG 1.7i $2200pr
Bigger Maggie with more modern look.
Magnepan MG1.7









Magnepan MG 3.7i $6k pr
My favorite Maggie look these days.
Magnepan MG 3.7










Quad S-1 $800pr
Gorgeous small speaker with ribbon tweeter.











Quad S-5 $2100pr
Similarly gorgeous tower with ribbon.











Quad 2812 $12k pr
A true stat in Quad’s new classic style