A Cut Above: GoldenEar Speakers

GoldenEar speakers are not your traditional, pedestrian (boring!) stock in trade offerings.
From the ground up, from the inside out, GoldenEar improves on the details vs the evil empire out there.

With literally hundreds of “speaker companies” going these days, including who knows how many web based guys working out of their basements or garages, these details are what make GoldenEar sound better than the other guys.

While we are (of course!) concerned about sound number one, we are also concerned about your investment. If you buy speakers from some web outfit, whether a flash in the pan or something nobody has ever heard of, where are you going to be in 3-5-7 years when you blow a driver?

Most of the web outfits are well meaning hobbyists buying parts from Parts Express. These folks enjoy the hobby. But mostly, they want to make a quick buck. They fancy themselves to be speaker “designers.” But what they really are… are fellas buying parts and screwing them into boxes.

“Charlie, what do you think? Fred, what do you think?” A few samples later, they have the model one, model two, and model three. Since we all love our own children, these fellas will wax eloquently about how sage their science is. We’ve even seen them pull acronyms out of you know where to try to baffle you with BS. But ya know something? These guys are doing nothing more than
buying parts from a vendor and using their new battery operated screw driver.

We want you to do better. Buy speakers from a great company like GoldenEar. GoldenEar
doesn’t use parts off the shelf. They make their own. They make their own cabinets, They make their own crossovers. They do research in their state of the art facility WHICH THEY BUILT in Canada.
Not only are the results of this effort better than well meaning guys fiddle-fooling out in the garage,
but YOU will be properly supported for many years.

The fact is, even many well known lines of speakers are now made by generic speaker building houses. These factories pump out numerous “brands” of speakers. This morning they’ll do a run for brand X. This afternoon they’ll make brand Y. And tomorrow they’ll be making radar detectors or security equipment. This isn’t GoldenEar.


It’s easy to slap together a rectangular cabinet. GE does NOT use rectangular cabinets. Rectangular cabinets invariably boom and make music murky sounding. GE cabinets use non parallel front and rear baffles as well as internal bracing to avoid standing waves. GE cabinets are designed to optimize driver alignment which presents a coherent wave launch. You’ll note the front baffle of the cabinet is slightly canted backwards to achieve this result.
GE cabinets feature internal, dual chambers for bass-mid drivers which also eschew parallel walls. The cabinet walls are deadened with open cell Polyurethane Foam Damping Pads.
Keep in mind, the vast majority of GE competitors, $5k per pair on down, are using generic
rectangular, ported cabinets with a bat of attic insulation tossed in the box. GE starts at square one with a better mouse trap yielding clearly superior results.

Cast Frame Drivers

GE bass/midrange drivers are cast frame, hearty drivers with Multi-Varied Phase Plug design. Not only are the drivers solid, the dispersion is refined with the unique phase plug technology. Cast frames are much more rigid than stamped frames. GE takes care to provide a large, open back wave so the window of dispersion is unfettered. Large Kapton voice coils provide high power handling.

D’Appolito Configuration

Most GE models use the renowned D’Appolito alignment, where the ribbon tweeter is placed
at the apex of the bass/mid drivers. This provides spot on imaging, which GE speakers are industry famous for. Music emanates as a coherent wave form as opposed to, for example, a bright sound that will give your ears a sunburn.

Ribbon Tweeters

GE has a unique ribbon tweeter design. It is a High Velocity Folded Ribbon Tweeter. The diaphragm is constructed of high temperature FILM. High powered Neodymium magnets provide vice grip control. The folded design literally squeezes pressurized air instead of pushing it. Distortion is low. Detail is outstanding without tilting bright. Dispersion is unsurpassed.


Quadratic Planar Infrasonic Radiators

GE Radiators are pressure driven and extend usable bass performance into the infrasonic region. This means they play deep and controlled. Most competitors are ported which creates more thud in the music. We call that murky, or one note bass. It’s repetitious and can give you a headache.



GE carefully designs its Fully Balanced crossovers for optimal control and phase accuracy. Most competitors skimp on the crossover design because you’ll never see it. Superb driver blending and power handling are vitally important bi-products of a top echelon crossover design.



Powered Subwoofers

Many GE speaker models have on board, Herculean powered amplifiers with DSP control to
deliver foundation quaking bass. You’ll never get deeper bass than when you dedicate specific drivers and amplifiers for the task. GE provides this within many towers so you don’t HAVE to have an outboard subwoofer. By the way, GE also makes a wide array of stand alone powered subs with these same boxes checked.

The Sound

If you’ve stuck with me so far, what’s all the fuss about? Why pay attention to all of these nuances?

First of all, you’ll notice GE casts an image to lust for. Vocals and instruments are placed across the stage as they were recorded. Since most vocalists are in the center, you’ll be gaga over the specificity of GE singer placement. It is absolutely uncanny how GE can create a stunningly strong phantom center (you’ll swear we have a center speaker hiding back there!) presentation. GE does this with cabinets placed in less than ideal positions to boot. As in… they knew you had a normal living room and your wife won’t let you do pull the audiophile technique of moving your speaks out into the room three feet!

In fact, GE allows you to violate all the traditional placement laws more than anyone else. Typically, you place your left and right speakers about 70% apart from where you sit. Since I’m not that smart, if you sit ten feet away, the speakers should be seven feet apart. GE is not the least bit touchy. GE is amazingly flexible. If you end up needing your speakers ten feet apart, or even more, you will NOT lose that hauntingly beautiful center image. GE is more forgiving about lousy speaker placement than anybody else on the market, hands down!

Powered subs are tremendously handy tools. No two rooms are the same. GE, nor any other manufacturer, knows what room their speakers are going in. The powered subs give you a quick and easy way to dial in bass performance for your room, and YOUR TASTE. Without this feature, you’re STUCK with the characteristics of your room governing your bass response. It invariably results in a boom fest.

Further, GE speakers are NOT BRIGHT. They are accurate on top. If one TV manufacturer wants to grab your attention vs its competition, it cranks up the brightness control. It WILL grab your attention. But this level of brightness would be irritating at home. The brightness is exaggerated to create a big splash, that will wear you out. Ditto for speaker balance.

All Told

For the buck you pay, it is impossible to beat the balance GE gives you for realistic tonal
balance, image and ease of speaker placement.