Dave’s Faves – Bryston A2

Bryston A2 Speakers, $3230 per pair

Bryston A2 pair

Bryston’s A2s are priced right there with a zillion other well known speakers, mostly lightweight imports. There are so many choices that it will make you dizzy. What makes the A2 so special?

It’s a long list. But I’ll start with OCTANE. Bryston’s A2 supplies heft and weight like nobody else. It not only provides muscle more like real music than the other guys, it does so while coasting. This is a very big deal because you can tell A2 is just cruising while other speakers are running out of gas.

Among the tasks we ask of fine speakers is to give us a realistic scale performance in our listening room. It is likely you could place a jazz trio in your living room. Listening to Bryston A2s will give you the kind of impact and uummpphhh of a grand piano and stand up bass in the flesh.
While other speakers are straining to speak up, A2s are doing the back float. A2s can make a convincing argument that Oscar, Herb & Ray are in your house.

It all starts with major league cabinet construction. Built in Canada of Canadian Rangerwood, A2 weighs in at 62 pounds per cabinet. There are separate chambers for woofers, mids and tweeters. A2 features extensive bracing in addition to its sheer weight.

The driver choices are fascinating. Bryston uses three pairs of drivers in A2.
There are two Titanium Tweeters, Two ceramic coated aluminum mids, and Two ceramic coated woofs. The purpose of this is multi-fold. First of all, each driver only has to travel half the excursion as opposed to using single drivers. That yields more detail. But above and beyond, A2 can achieve life-like power by employing double the drivers. “Pairing” gives you power melded with speed. Further, the size of the magnets dwarfs mainstream competition. Massive parts yield more muscular performance, no surprise. Having additional drivers also gives a more convincing height and depth to the music.

Then we go on to voicing. Every chef has his secret sauce. Is it too spicy? Not spicy enough?
Everyone has his favorite taste. Bryston speakers are extremely neutral in tonal balance which makes them comfortable with any kind of music. The Bryston “flavor” is not hot and spicy. Instruments sound more real and neutral. Whether voices, pianos, guitars… Bryston’s balance is famously accurate.

Most speakers at 3k use two stamped 6” paper woofs made in Asia. Some use a single flimsy 8. Bryston absolutely blows doors off the other guys in terms of hardware, which yields commensurate performance!

And the warranty? 20 Years. That’s right. While brand X is likely to be on its third set of mismatched tweeters screwed into the box 20 years later, Bryston speakers are still under warranty!