Dave’s Faves – Bryston BDP-2

Bryston BDP-2 Music Player, $3000

Bryston BDP-2

Everybody and his brother claim to have the best way to listen to music at state of the art standards. If you get a few computer geeks in a room to discuss the best way to do this, shouting will break out within a couple minutes. They all honestly feel they have discovered the best way- and that YOU have not, because you don’t agree with them.

I think the best results are achieved by storing the music outside of your computer. Your computer is burdened with operating systems galore and probably has a lousy sound card to boot. With this in mind, think Bryston!

You start by saving your music in the highest possible resolution to an outboard drive. Storage is cheap. So far I haven’t even spent any of your money.

Now that the music is on your outboard drive, connect it to the Bryston BDP-2 Music Player. The BDP-2 shakes hands to the drive with the least possible computer intrusion on the music, and presents a digital out to your DAC. Of course we recommend the Bryston BDA-3 ($3500) DAC, but you can use the DAC of your choice.

Using BDP-2 strips the debris out of the road, providing the best sound I’ve yet heard from any source. BDP-2 plays the native rate at which you stored your music, there is no further processing to pollute the sound.

Bryston invented this product category with the BDP-1 a few years ago. Just imagine… a small Canadian company came up with this revolutionary product! Normally substantial techno innovation comes from engineers at Marantz or Sony. The BDP-2 came out in 2013 and allows more interface options and the best sound I’ve yet heard.

You now select your music with your tablet or smart phone. It couldn’t be easier to manage.

If you visited Audio Emporium in the early 90s and wanted the best sound source on the market, I would have recommended a state of the art Transport and DAC for about $4400 each, from one of a few vendors (Marantz, Threshold, PS Audio in particular). Today, we’ve exceeded that level of performance by a country mile and are landing at a fraction of the price.

Our hobby of great sound with easy accessibility has never been better!
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