Dave’s Faves – Bryston Mini T

Bryston Mini T Speakers, $3700pr

Model T mini
Bryston has been in the speaker biz several years already. The market’s reception to them has exceeded expectations. The performance of the product has WON the business, because there never has been a shortage of speaker options. Nobody needed another speaker line. To win its turf, Bryston has had to knock others off the perch. That’s no easy task. It’s easier to sell brands that everyone recognizes.

Bryston introduced the Model T and Middle T towers first. Both were home runs! The Mini T came a little later. When it first landed, I wasn’t sure of how it would be received. The category of “large shelf” speaker isn’t on fire. Most of our wives are demanding SMALL shelf speakers.

But what we are finding is, the power of marital negotiation is alive and well. It’s amazing how many wives are fine with a large shelf speaker so long as it fits on their shelves and doesn’t require floor space.

The Mini T features the same 8” woof that’s used in Model T and Middle T. It’s a brute! Compare it with any other 8- you’ll be impressed. It has the same mid and tweet used in its brethren.

The size of the sound of Mini T is … in a word, HUGE. Frankly, I wish they hadn’t dubbed it the Mini T because when shoppers research it on line, they expect it to be small. At 22.5h, 10.5 wide, 10d and 50lbs, it’s no toy.

The good news is, the rich, weighty sound of Mini T is an absolute treat to behold! We have installed them in a plethora of room conditions. They are never overwhelmed by the room! In fact, in the great room of a huge, open concept house, the Mini Ts sound like large towers. Let ’em breathe and they’ll reward you for it.

So the first thing you need to consider in auditioning Mini Ts, is – ignore the size of the cabinet!
You won’t expect them to sound so full and impactful. Consider them for what they are, killer speakers at $3700 per pair. When you hear how solid they are- with a very wide range of dispersion and smooth top end, they are easily in the top echelon of performers for the price- regardless of size.

Back to size for a minute. Who else gives you this kind of range for roughly $3k per pair? The vast majority of towers in this range have a couple of 5” drivers, a tweeter and weight 30 pounds from China. They sound fine but… no way do they have the WAUMPUS bass of Mini T (much less the wide dispersion and smooth top end). When you look at what comes out of North America or Europe, a 6” 2-way with a prestigious name usually runs over $5k per pair- and is absolutely no match for Mini T.

To summarize, the Mini T is a great speaker regardless of its size. With that said, it fits in places that big time towers just can’t. It’s a great solution for men that have domestic considerations.

Having said that, Mini T is a fantastic speaker that will sound ITS BEST on stands, as opposed to being shoved back on shelves. The stands run $500 per pair. You can find other speakers you’ll like for 4k, but nothing that will beat the Mini T.