Dave’s Faves – Cronus Magnum II

Rogue Cronus Magnum II $2500, 100×2 Integrated Amp

Rogue Cronos Magnum II

I like tubes. I don’t love tubes. I’m realistic in what they do well, and what they don’t do well. What they do well is common audiophile patter. They’re warm & smooth, like gravy on your mashed potatoes. Usually, I’m open to tubes in a preamp, but not so much in the power amp. A couple examples of such integrated amps would be the Rogue Pharaoh and Rogue Sphinx V2.

Being a realist, I can assure you that power does matter. Substantial horse power is needed to drive almost any speaker up to snuff. I’ve heard plenty of low powered tube amps that audiophiles gush about- that come up way short of driving real world speakers properly.

What most manufacturers offer are tube amps of 50×2 for $5k. Sorry boys, that’s not a good deal. I’ve heard them. They’re mellow and a tad dull. They don’t have the transient attack to make your speakers snap to attention. And that’s for $5k.

I’m not a fan of the Asian built tube amps. Once again, you typically get low power, like 40×2 for $3500 in an integrated. Power amps are much more pricey. Reliability and noise floor are notoriously below par. You can do better!

First of all, buy American. It’s not only nice to say, but in this case you’re buying for more than patriotism. You’re buying a better product! The Rogue Cronus Magnum II, built in Pennsylvania, has substantial courage at 100×2. Both the preamp and the power amp sections are comprised of tubes. It runs KT120s and can drive most speakers we’ve experienced south of about $5k very nicely. Cronus Magnum II runs $2500. Not $5k!

In considering the Cronus Magnum II, I’m assuming you specifically DO want the warm flavor of a tube preamp & tube power amp. I’m assuming you might listen at somewhat strong volume levels, but you’re not trying to throw barbells around the room. If your music is singer songwriters, classical and jazz at a volume you wouldn’t have to holler to converse over, Cronus Magnum II is up your alley.

We sell Cronus Magnum II with Bryston and GoldenEar speakers regularly! The handshake is gorgeous. We’ve even sold it with Magnepan MG-1.7i’s, which are more hungry than the others.
Cronus Magnum II is sweet as you would expect. It has a surprising good grip on the bass. It excels in the image, air and space of acoustic recordings. It makes a particularly synergistic mate to Bryston Mini Ts ($3700pr) and A3s ($2850pr).

If you’re thinking you want to go all tubes, pre and power, get them both on one chassis at a steal of a deal. Buy Cronus Magnum II!