Dave’s Faves – ELAC B6

Elac B-6 Speakers, $280 per pair
14h, 8.5w, 10d, 16lbs


I had to think about adding $280 speakers to Dave’s Faves- for about 10 seconds! That’s how long it took to realize that in B-6, we have something we’ve never had before. Ground breaking. Game changer. Off the charts. For $280?! You mean $280 each? Nope. $280 per PAIR!

You can read about the new arm of Elac, Elac America, over on our Latest section or on their site. There are numerous Youtube presentations and interviews with Andrew Jones, the eminent designer of the Elac America Debut Series. Andrew is the hired gun that Elac brought in, like the Miami Heat brought in Labron James.

In short, every aspect of this new line was created from scratch. Elac doesn’t just purchase “drivers out of a bin” and screw them into generic boxes. That IS what most companies do at this price, and even dramatically higher prices.

There are a few things that set B-6 apart from everybody else in this range. First of all, the bass is robust! Most companies want to make inexpensive speakers CHEAP, and efficient, so you can run them with your clock radio. Both of those design briefs (cheap/efficient) preclude bass performance.

When you listen to B-6, you will be taken aback by the bass capabilities of this speaker. Whether we are talking the warm cello sound of Yo Yo Ma, or the dramatic slammin’ beat of Rihanna- B-6 can absolutely bring it! Jones achieves this by using heavy cabinets that are braced, substantial metal drivers with huge magnets, and a long voice coil (1.5”) for the price.

Then there is the voicing. B-6 is exquisitely smooth, it’s not the least bit bright or zingy. The silk dome tweeter presents an impressively fine image with plenty of detail- without being aggressive on top. It won’t wear you out. This very unusual for a budget speaker.

We have carried a lot of great speakers over the years. We’ve sold them with pride. But… I never thought I’d hear speakers at around $300 per pair that would sound this big and this warm. B-6 is so good that it will reward you for running sophisticated gear ahead of it. B-6 is so good, that I’ll steal a term, they’re class shattering!

Most of you already have a powerful hi-fi somewhere in the house. You have spent years upgrading pieces as you could. I want you to buy a pair of B-6s and use your second string (or first if you prefer!) electronics in another room, or the lower level. You’re gonna have so much fun with these speakers that you won’t believe it!