Dave’s Faves – ELAC UB-5

Elac UB-5 Speakers, $500 per pair
12 3/4h, 7 7/8w, 10 3/4d, 17lbs

Elac has been turning the sub $1000 per pair speaker market into scorched earth for about two years now. The new Uni-Fi Series has broken new ground with its innovative technology for the price.

UB-5 is a legit 3-way speaker in a small cabinet. Andrew Jones, Elac’s designer, has employed a 4” Concentric, Aluminum Midrange and Silk Dome tweeter as the heart of the speaker. The bass is bolstered with a 5 1/4” Aluminum cone woofer.

UB-5 provides clarity and imaging unlike anyone else at $500 per pair! UB-5 also provides substantial bass. When we demo them, EVERYONE asks which subwoofer is on with them. UB-5’s sound is detailed without being bright. The cabinet is heavy, with internal bracing.

I don’t know if Jones is really that much smarter than everyone else, or if Elac is just underpricing the market to win business. But neither of these concerns is YOURs!

To give you an idea of how good a value UB-5 is, check out the Kef LS-50. At $1500 per pair you get a concentric design, offering a 5” woofer with tweeter for THREE TIMES THE PRICE.

UB-5 not only has the concentric mid/tweet, but has the additional 5” woofer to boot! While the LS-50 gets accolades for performance, when you consider what all you get in the UB-5 for ONE THIRD THE PRICE, it’s impossible to beat the Elacs!