Dave’s Faves – Emotiva ERC-3 CD Player

Emotiva ERC-3 CD Player, $500

Emotiva ERC-3


Emotiva power amps have always enjoyed legendary praise. There’s just no better buy out there for the buck. They have earned the same reputation with their Red Book CD Player, ERC-3!

ERC-3 plays CDs. It doesn’t play SACDs, Blu-rays or DVDs. ERC-3 is optimized for getting the most out of music CDs PERIOD.

ERC-3 supports BALANCED outputs as well as RCAs. The noise floor is lower with balanced outs and you can hear more impact and dynamics as well. To be able to run a great player, with XLR outs into your system gives ERC-3 a substantial advantage over all the other guys WHO DON’T!

What I hear from ERC-3 is strong, solid, bass impact. It isn’t mushy. Its dynamic contrast and bass performance handily beats anything else short of about $4k. Yep. And for $500!

The detail of ERC-3 is remarkable. We have sold ERC-3 as a replacement to many customers who bought expensive players 15-20 years ago- that have bitten the dust. I’m telling these owners not to waste time and money on repairs. We have ERC-3 for $500 with a 5 year warranty! Its performance is better than your 15 year old $2500 player. And you get a brand new unit with fresh warranty.

Emo achieves this level of performance with blood and guts. There are no “tricks.” It weighs
21 pounds! Emo uses steel dampers and fortifies the chassis with extra mass. Creating a machine with such mechanical integrity helps both the sound and long term reliability. Emo employs an edge of the art DAC chip (Analog Devices AD 1955) and discrete line stage.

All of us have CDs. Some of us have thousands (guilty of a little OCD here!). Little did we know
how much music was tucked away in a compact disc. In fact, in some audiophile circles, the members look down their nose at CDs. If they had ERC-3 in their systems, they would know just how silly that is. ERC-3 gives a new lease on life to your CD collection.