Dave’s Faves – Emotiva PT-100

Emotiva PT-100 Preamp/DAC/Tuner $300!


Emotiva’s BASx line is literally knocking out the competition. When you can get a wonderful preamp like PT-100, and a gutsy power amp like A-300 ($400, 150×2), why would you consider a generic integrated amp or receiver for $700 ish?

PT-100 starts life as a fine stereo preamp. Its sound is super tight, clean and detailed. It doesn’t sound as robust or dynamic as its much bigger brother, XSP-1 for $1200, but it is one quarter the price! PT-100 will easily replace whatever $500 or less preamp you had back in the day- and improve your definition in the process.

PT-100 has two high level inputs, CD & Aux. It also has a phono input that supports MM & MC! Are you kidding?! A good outboard phono preamp runs more than PT-100 alone! We’re just starting.

PT-100 has a DAC on board, 24/192. Inputs include OPT, Coax & USB-B. It even supports Bluetooth for a mere $50 option. On top of this, PT-100 has an FM tuner on board.

PT-100 has two sets of pre outs. One set goes to a power amp, the other set (or single) goes
to your powered sub.

PT-100 would be well worth its price tag as a line level preamp alone! The fact that it comes with all the afore mentioned goodies makes it a slam dunk, no brainer to buy!