Dave’s Faves – Emotiva XPA2-G3

Emotiva XPA-2G3 Stereo Power Amp $1000 (300×2, 8 ohms)


Emotiva’s new 300×2 amp is an absolutely outrageously good value! The power is close to what we would call “unlimited.” It will drive any speaker out there with aplomb. It pumps out 550×2 into 4 ohms (Brystons & Magnepans), and 800×2 into two ohms (where most amps break!).

The power amp is the engine in your system. All things being equal, more horse power gives you more performance. You achieve better acceleration, transparency, tighter bass and superior dynamics with more muscle than less. This Emo lets wonderful speakers like Brystons and Maggies soar compared to competitive amps with lesser octane.

The Emo lets bass & dynamics appear from nowhere. You didn’t even know it was coming. If you play the speakers with any other $1000 amp, it simply can’t muster the gumption to bring you what the speakers are capable of. The mark of a GREAT amp is the ability to bring more out of a speaker than its competitors at a similar price point. With this in mind XPA2-G3 is in a class of its own!

There are many OK $1000 amps on the market. The best of them deliver 125 w/ch, have a modest transformer, array of output transistors and filter caps. Emo is not saying, nor are we, that the others are junk. What we ARE SAYING, is that due to the efficiency of manufacturing and not being greedy, Emo gives you more than double the hardware of these other guys at the same price point! That means you’re driving a 12 cylinder sports car instead of a 4 cylinder family sedan.

You can beat the Emo if you’re willing to buy a Bryston 4B Cubed ($6000, 300×2). Bryston will use state of the art parts selection. But to beat the Emo, that’s what you’re talking, six times the price.

The XPA2-G3 is made in the USA! It has a 5 year warranty. Its design is modular so you can add
additional modules if you like for home theater. But make no mistake, XPA2-G3 is the best value out there in an audiophile stereo amplifier. It supports balanced and single ended inputs!

Or, look at it this way. Let’s say this amp didn’t exist. You can shop among the myriad of $1000 competitors out there and no one stands out. They’re all SIMILAR in muscle and component quality.
But when you toss XPA2-G3 into the mix, the choice is easy!