Dave’s Faves – GoldenEar SuperSub X

GoldenEar SuperSub X Powered Subwoofer, $1250
12 3/4h, 14w, 13 1/4d, 31lbs, 1400w amp with DSP


If you want some Audio Emporium background on subs, read Dave’s Faves GoldenEar SuperSub XXL. It came out in 2015 and literally vanquished every higher end sub I’ve ever heard. Dubbed
“King Kong In A Tuxedo”- XXL combines immense power with control.

It’s a sub that DOES IT for music or movies. GoldenEar promised a little brother was in the offing. It’s taken a full year. At last it’s here!

Happily, SuperSub X hits the nail on the head. Everything that XXL did to its competition at the bigger size and $2k range, I’d have to say that SuperSub X is EVEN MORE impressive given its
modest size and price! I say this primarily because ANYBODY who is open to a sub can fit SuperSub X into his room. XXL is a much bigger footprint.

First of all, it just doesn’t look big. We’ve had plenty of subs over the years that are small. To an extent, they’ve all done their task- adding a bit of punch at the bottom end. What makes SuperSub X quite different is that it IS a stellar performer- not just “surprising for a little guy.”

SuperSub X hits HARD! It isn’t an XXL, but at its size and price, that’s OK. You can run the X with a theater, or add it to wing speakers, including the lightning fast Maggies. All the small subs of yore rumbled as you asked much of them. They also tended to break down. They were worth having because there is plenty of bass information in music and movies. But to hear SuperSub X is to get the attack and power right- not just the boom.

SuperSub X is a Dual Plane sub, as is the XXL. With dual opposing 8” woofers, and dual opposing Quadratic Radiators, SuperSub X cancels unwanted vibrations and distortions. It delivers deep bass with impact. It’s not soft and lumpy. GoldenEar has patented this double Dual Plane technology.

Given the success of SuperSub XXL, we’re starting to see a fair number of competitors with opposing drivers. But none of them have the high octane engines of GoldenEar (1600w on XXL, 1400w on X with 56bit DSP control), or the Quadratic Radiator design. It takes both the heroic horse power and the radiators to keep the bass tight.

As a music lover first, I’m happy to endorse SuperSub X for our two channel lovers. We’ve had plenty of thunderous subs for movie lovers over the years. SuperSub X will please you guys too. But the ground breaking nature of SuperSub X is that it gives you the lower register of the piano, stand up bass, and drum kit- in a more realistic fashion than any sub we’ve ever had, or heard!