Dave’s Faves – GoldenEar SuperSub XXL

GoldenEar SuperSub XXL Powered Subwoofer, $2000
17 5/8h, 19 3/4w 16.5d, 82lbs


I am a big fan of subwoofers. There have been a number I’ve enjoyed and recommended over the years. Among other things, they allow you to get rich bass without blasting your music. You might not mind blasting. Your wife doesn’t like it. A little history…

In the 1970s M&K made a sincere effort with its line of subs. They were sometimes better than nothing. But they had a downright ridiculous method of changing crossover points and always infringed on the music. They were tubby but… on the right music, worth it- a guilty pleasure.

Bass IS part of music and sometimes a little too much is better than not enough. To each his own! M&K was the only game in town until the late 70s.

Brands like RH Labs, Dahlquist and Velodyne came along with more flexible, serious efforts. By the time you bought an outboard crossover, appropriate power amp and sub, it was north of $2000 in 1980 money. Cumbersome, expensive, but for some music lovers- worth it.

By the 1990s Paradigm was hitting its stride with subs. They had affordable, powered subs that were pretty reliable. The industry was maturing. But the problem remained, if you punched your sub hard, you could put it on the deck. This was the common concern among subs for almost 20 years. You buy a sub to let ‘er rip- yet you knock it out if you do.

Manufacturers bobbed and weaved and did their best. They did a fine job for most modest level listeners. But for our heavyweights, reliability was an ongoing battle. This changed when GoldenEar opened it’s doors in 2008. With the introduction of ForceField 3, 4 & 5, we finally had affordable subs that played to substantial volumes that didn’t go down. To this day, almost Christmas 2015, we have had ZERO GE Subs go down in the field. Not one. Given the boatloads we’ve sold, it defies all odds.

GoldenEar was smart in that they ran with the ForceField models for over five years before coming out with a state of the art effort. They’ve learned plenty from experience and decided it’s finally time to bring out a big time, punch you in the stomach sub. It’s here.

SuperSub XXL drops the sledgehammer! It takes a tough room like a basement theater and kicks arse. SuperSub XXL can dominate the room- which is vital for good sound. If the sub is working its keister off, you hear distortion in the performance.

There are many things the XXL does to achieve its performance:
Dual opposing 12” long throw woofers
Dual opposing Infrasonic Radiators (12.75×14.5)
1600w Power Amp with 56bit DSP control

It’s a treat to listen to the XXL because you can feel and hear the power- and know that the sub isn’t being stressed in the process. There is an effortless ease to the sound that is quite… comforting!
It’s quite like driving a sports car at 80 (that’s all I need) – that you know would be comfortable at double that.

Since SuperSub XXL can provide groundbreaking levels of power and taut performance, I’m on board big time! I admit that because it is new, we do not yet have a track record of reliability for the XXL. But given GoldenEar’s history, I’m diving in with both feet. It’s a safe bet!