Dave’s Faves – GoldenEar Triton 2+

GoldenEar Triton 2+ Speakers, $3500 per pair, 48h, 7.5w, 15d

There was a recession in 2009. Perhaps you heard? The speaker world (& everything else) was clobbered. The big sales numbers necessary to support companies that made elegant designs- DIED. So what did these companies do? They cheapened the designs and turned to the mass market. Note, they didn’t drop their MSRPs. They just started making speakers with much less hardware in them! In fact, even the venerable names of our biz started sourcing speakers from generic vendors who would badge them with any name. As far as the higher end offerings still made in quality houses, the prices became ARTISAN. What used to be a nice 6” 2-way in a rounded cabinet for $2k went to $6k. What used to be a fine rounded tower with two 8s, a mid and tweeter, went from $8k per pair to $24k per pair. Sheeeze!

Sandy Gross introduced GoldenEar in 2010 to save the day. Triton 2 has been Sandy’s GO TO speaker sweet spot in the line. The 2+ is a distinct upgrade from its debuting brother. T2+ presents among the best speaker values on the market. You see, I like to get what I’m paying for. I don’t want a 6” 2-way with holy water sprinkled on it for $6-8k per pair. I’m from Milwaukee and I want performance for my investment.

T2+ delivers the goods. For $3500 each cabinet provides:
Gorgeous low mass ribbon tweeter, made by GoldenEar, not a generic version
Two 4.5” Cast mid drivers configured in D’Appolito style
Two 5×9” powered subwoofers, driven by an on board DSP 1200w amp.
Balanced crossovers
Two 7×10” Quadratic Radiators- no chuffing ports.

There’s much to brag about in the cabinet design as well, but let’s focus on the sound. T2+ provides a stunningly precise image. The image is massive and not limited to the location of the cabinets. T2+ can literally CAST a vast image with a remarkable centered vocal presentation. T2+ will reward you with proper placement- getting them out from the back walls. With T2+, any cabinet personality basically disappears with proper placement.

T2+ uses a pair of 5×9 powered (1200w!) subs. T2+ can hit hard and strong. You can balance them to be lean or thick, or anywhere in between- that’s up to you! With a pair of 7×10” Quadratic Radiators, T2+ is well “tuned” and doesn’t have the boxy chuffing sound of ports. When you consider that speakers without on board subs have to be placed properly to avoid booming, the inclusion of taut powered subs is welcome. Most of our customers have living rooms where the floor is made of wood, even if there is carpet over it. Often there is a basement underneath. T2+ will flat out rock the house in this environment! Yet another benefit of T2+ is that they play well in the basement, which is always a cement slab- whether there’s carpet or not. Most speakers lose their bass and warmth in the ever unfriendly basement location. T2+ can muscle up to the task.

The top end of T2+ or ANY GoldenEar speaker is very smooth, not the least bit bright. The ribbons make music easy on the ears for long listening sessions. All told, the combination of advantages using T2+ makes it among THE best buys in a true audiophile speaker system.