Dave’s Faves – GoldenEar Triton 3+


GoldenEar Triton 3+ Speakers, $2500 per pair, 44h, 7w, 13d

The best thing that happened for the Triton 3+ was the Triton 5. HUH? Why would that be?
Why would a new CHEAPER speaker without a built in subwoofer be inspirational to a higher end model with built in sub?

When GoldenEar kicked off its business in 2010, it led with the Triton 2 & 3. Both were nice towers with powered subs. A couple years down the road, GoldenEar introduced the Triton 5 at less money. T5 was actually a tad cleaner sounding than its larger brothers. It was a nice improvement that we heard instantly.

Sandy Gross of GoldenEar reserves the right to get smarter. He says that as they were working on T5, they had learned a few things that would allow them to make the T5 more detailed than their bigger brothers- so they ran with it. They didn’t hesitate to make T5 as strong a product as it could be. They would implement those improvements into the powered towers. And so they have!

Triton 3+ is the strongest recipient of the new work. With improved midrange driver, crossover and enclosure upgrade, T3 went to T3+ and made some major strides along the way. T3+ really floats my boat for a handful of reasons.

The amount of hardware you get for your money with T3+ is impressive. While many a 6” 2-way is selling for $6k these days, T3+ is very generous with its hardware. It starts with GoldenEar’s renowned ribbon tweeter. It has a 4.5” cast mid driver. It employs a 5×9 powered sub (800w!) with rear level control. It is further tuned with a pair of 6 ¾ x 8” Quadratic Radiators. They don’t have chuffing ports.

First of all, T3+ is remarkably clean and tight. T3+ matches the improved detail and control of T5, but with the huge benefit of employing a powered sub. T3+ gives us a speaker in a gorgeous sleek profile that your wife is very likely to allow into your living room.

Next, T3+ is more forgiving of lousy placement than any other speaker I’ve run into. It presents a
large and broad image- with strong center focus. It’s uncanny how the singer can appear DEAD CENTER in the room- despite having each tower kinda/sorta stuffed back in the corners. Great imaging is the result of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. There is; low mass and precise ribbon technology, high quality crossover work, precise cabinet tuning- and more, to help out. Of course pulling the speakers out a bit provides more depth and space. But due to the lack of extraneous cabinet resonance and your ability to dial in the subwoofer balance, T3+ can make the most of any positioning curve balls.

This is a tremendously big honkin’ deal! As much as we audiophiles talk about pulling speakers out into the room to let them breathe, more often than not when I visit customers’ living rooms, the
speakers are stuffed back in the corners because she doesn’t want to give them any more floor space than she has to. Don’t get divorced over speaker placement. T3+ is flat out the most friendly speaker to place out there. If you need them close to the back wall, fine. Dial down the sub. If you can pull them out into the room for proper breathing, they’ll reward you with improved depth of field and you can dial the on board subs in to taste.

No single speaker is perfect for everybody. But I’m happy to say that T3+ is my favorite choice for the money in the vast majority of normal living rooms!