Dave’s Faves – GoldenEar Triton 5

GoldenEar Triton 5 Speakers, $2000 per pair
44 1/4h, 11w, 16 1/2d

GoldenEar Triton 5

GoldenEar opened its doors in 2008 with the Triton 2. T-2 has powered subwoofers on board and were a big hit from day one.

Later came Triton 3 and Triton 1. The line was built on powered towers that hit the nail on the head. Clearly GoldenEar had earned its enviable niche as a manufacturer of very fine towers with ribbon tweeters and powered subs. The GE’s were much warmer and more sophisticated than the other guys who used spitty dome tweeters and subs whose amps broke when kicked in the tush.

When GE announced they were coming out with two passive towers, Triton 7 and Triton 5, most of us were hopeful, but… it isn’t what these guys do. In biz, it’s always nice to cover the price points but, what could they do with passives?

T-7 came out first. At $1400 per pair it’s a nice value with their ribbon tweeter. I think they did a very nice job for $1400pr. It’s a very smooth speaker with enough bass to add some punch to your music.

When Triton Five came out, I expected a tad more of the same. Well, that isn’t what we got! We got a lot more! T-5 isn’t just a T-7 with more bass. It’s a whole new animal in terms of CLARITY and SIZE OF IMAGE. In fact… T-5 is more than just a little better than T-7. It’s a LOT better. When I spoke to Sandy about this difference, he admitted that during the design stage he had to consider, do we really want T-5 to be so much clearer?

Of course he wanted the best performance he could get from T-5, even if it meant that T-7 got left in the dust a bit. You don’t apologize for your new model making significant strides! “I reserve the right to get smarter.”

What T-5 does is peel the grill cloth off the speaker. It provides a level of transparency and detail very similar to T-1. Really! It maintains GoldenEar’s smooth ribbon top end and unsurpassed imaging. But this new level of definition- what a treat!

And the bass! Holy cow, where did that come from?! Being a passive speaker, T-5 rewards you for running a REAL amp into them. While they will sound fine with a 100w receiver, if you really want to hear what they can do, let’s punch ’em up with a muscular amp. How about an Anthem or Hegel integrated? Or maybe an Emotiva 300×2 power amp? I was delighted to hear that as we went up in power, T-5 had more to offer. We didn’t out run the speaker.

Now, I don’t expect anyone to buy Bryston Monoblocks with the T-5. The price disparity would preclude that. But if you want to hear how good T-5 can sound… DO consider running the T-5 with something better than a generic surround receiver. They will reward you with open, airy sound and bass that you wouldn’t think was hiding in there!