Dave’s Faves – GoldenEar Triton One

GoldenEar Triton 1

GoldenEar Triton 1 Speakers, $5000 per pair, 54h, 8w, 16 5/8d

GoldenEar brought out its top of the line Triton One in 2015. The response to T-1 has been nothing less than ecstatic! To be able to get all that you get in T-1 for a mere $5k per pair, is actually shocking.

Most shoppers and magazine writers look at speakers through colored glasses. I don’t. I’m open to almost any technology. I’ve heard good traditional cabinet designs, planars, ribbons, stats, mini-monitors and even horns. Yet I’ve found something in common over the years. It takes major hardware IN to yield great results OUT.

I’m not a fan of holy water. I won’t sprinkle it on a 6” 2-way for $7000 and ignore the fact… that there’s a Seas woofer and tweeter in the box that run under $150 each. The sound can be good and clear, but I won’t pretend it is full range, heavenly and a bargain.

So to get to the point… when GoldenEar announced it was coming out with a top of the line speaker, I knew they would load it up with great hardware. They’ve done just that. When you evaluate all that’s going on in T-1, $5k per pair is an amazingly low price tag.

GoldenEar has always been known for its ribbon tweeter. The top end is smooth. The imaging is phenomenal. These traits stay with T-1. No surprise. What GE speakers have always done is cast an eerily broad image. You can have them farther apart than they have any right to be, while still casting a rock solid center image. I never tire of this phantom center!

Where T-1 beats its predecessors is in absolute clarity. The precision detail of T-1 is a delight for those of us who love piano and vocal. The timbre of the piano sound is smooth, not glassy. Annunciation of words from the singers is clear as a bell. The use of two 6” cast metal, mid drivers in D’Appolito configuration, within a tightly controlled chamber seals the deal. While prior GE speakers have been good, T-1 steps away from its little brothers in detail and horse power.

GoldenEar is known for speakers with powered subs. T-1 uses three, 5×9” powered subs per tower! There is an on board amp of 1600w driving these subs. It is tailored with DSP to keep the bass under vice grip control. Because they put a sub control on the back of the speaker, you can make the bass lean and tight, or crank it up to booming- and hit all points in between. The choice is yours, as it should be.

Please evaluate all the hardware you are getting for only $5k. Consider the hardware you get from competitors at the same $5k. You often get a 6” 2-way or 8” 3-way for a lot more than $5k. GoldenEar provides a full range, non boxy sound from two moderately sized towers that image beautifully. You don’t need additional subs, you’ve already got them. Triton One rewards you for connecting to the best electronics in our biz. Yet you can drive them with moderate power due to the on board powered subs. Triton One packs TNT with clarity and warmth. It’s tough to beat!