Dave’s Faves – Isotek Aquarius Power Conditioner

Isotek Aquarius Power Conditioner, $2000



Aquarius comes with a Premier Power Cable, ($150 a la carte)


I know we need power conditioners. Products with computers in them like surround receivers and preamp/processors would literally go insane without a conditioner in the road. Line belches, pops and sputters will damage these products, guaranteed. We’ve seen the before and after.

In the world of two channel audio, it’s not so cut and dried. In fact, many conditioners harm the sound more than they help. They “squash” the sound and make it boring. Some of the Euro companies in particular say DO NOT ever run a power conditioner because it will kill your sound.

That has changed. There is no mystery to it. We can improve the SOUND of your system quite noticeably for a fair price. And we can demo that for you clearly, without ambiguity. It took the Isotek
Aquarius to blow me away, and that it has done!

First, I’ve listened to piles of power conditioners over many years. Most have been from well known suppliers like Panamax, Furman, APC and Rotel. I’ve never heard one make an improvement in a system to the degree where- if you did a blind A-B, you could be sure.

We have been happy with inexpensive Panamax conditioners to save you from brown outs and Wisconsin Electric nasties. But we’ve never claimed they improve your sound. Aquarius DOES. Absolutely. Positively.

You can read the nuts and bolts at the Isotek site. Conditioners aren’t all created equal, we’ll start with that. Aquarius is no garden variety conditioner and you can HEAR that clearly.

Aquarius is a six outlet power conditioner that comes with an Isotek Premier power cable. These power cables are vital and sell for $150 each- not so bad! Hence you start at $2k.

Our demo is set up with a fantastic integrated amp and CD player. We have put a Premier cable on each one. You’re “all in” for $2300.

You sit down and listen to a piece or two of music, noting exactly where the volume control is set, no cheating! Then we switch to a different conditioner or NO conditioner, and you won’t believe the difference! Aquarius provides cleaner, more dynamic sound at all frequencies. The bass in particular is so much clearer. Without Aquarius, music sounds a bit soggy/foggy. Rats! It’s hell to be informed.

Any instrument or voice you listen to, steps away from its background. It really is uncanny the improvement Aquarius makes. I’ve never heard this level of clear improvement before from any conditioner at any price.

Many a maker has beaten a path to our door, and left hanging their head. And to think we can offer your this performance for just over a couple grand… Aquarius will help literally any system!

Isotek makes the $1000 Solus and the $500 Polaris. Both make improvements that you’ll hear compared to a basic bar by anybody. If they’re in your budget, they’re worth buying.

But it’s Aquarius that smokes the other guys. Please visit to hear it for yourself.