Dave’s Faves – Isotek Aquarius Syncro Power Cable

Isotek Aquarius Syncro Power Cable $2200
With active DC canceling electronics


(Image shows a UK connector, yours will of course have a US connector)


My Quad rep, Jon Derda, also represents Isotek. Jon is a music nut and hi-fi guy, not just another salesman in a wrinkled suit. When Jon told me to give Isotek a fair shake, I was willing to.

We listened to the differences of Isotek cables and mains conditioners vs Panamax and other affordables. Just as he predicted, each change mattered. The sweet spot in the line is the Aquarius conditioner with Premier cable. Check out the entries of them on our site.

At a subsequent visit Jon said, you’re not going to believe how much the new SYNCRO POWER CABLE can help a system. It runs $2200 and will do as much as an Aquarius to improve the sound. Syncro is made to go between Aquarius or Sigmas and the wall. You don’t need a Syncro for each component.

My first reaction was to say, don’t bother. It can’t be worth it. But I’ve learned to trust Jon’s judgment so I was willing to give Syncro a try.

The dramatic improvement that Syncro brought to the system ABSOLUTELY HUMBLED me. Yes, it was impressive! The sound had better attack from a blacker background. It was more dynamic, more effortless and had a bigger sound stage than I could have imagined. The improvement Syncro brought to the presentation was as big an improvement as Aquarius- if not more so! When I say I was humbled, I’m not kidding. I’ve never heard a power cable make more than a “noticeable” improvement. Syncro reshuffles the deck! I was humbled because I didn’t believe it could even help.
I learned yet again, don’t make up your mind before you listen.

To be fair, Syncro is not just A CABLE. Syncro has active circuitry to eliminate DC and re-balance the mains sine wave. It is a sophisticated double shielded cable comprised of ultra high purity silver
plated OCC with a Teflon dielectric- and an active electronics network.

I can only remember a few times in my life where I heard a HUGE improvement that blew me away- when I had not expected to hear one at all. Up until now, that seminal moment for me was in 1979 when a customer brought in a gorgeous looking amp by some new outfit called Threshold. We compared it to my ARC and holy cow (!!), the Threshold was so much better I couldn’t even begin to debate the topic. I’m happy to say Syncro has done it again.

If you want your system to exceed “very good” and challenge “the best possible”- please plan
on including a Syncro in the equation!