Dave’s Faves – Marantz SA-11S3

Marantz SA-11S3 SACD/CD Player, $4000

Marantz SA-11s3 SACD

Most people switched over to CDs from records in the 80s. The first CDs were less than spectacular but the wonderful convenience was inarguable. Over the years, CDs and CD players got better and better. Then in 1999 the SACD was introduced and brought source material to a new level. While some people love diddling around with their record player or computer, others of us don’t. If you already have zillions of discs, play them on as good a disc player as our business has ever had!

Marantz has introduced its SA-11S3. There is no better disc player out there! It will get the best out of your CDs, and of course SACDs. It supports true BALANCED operation with XLR outs, and of course, traditional RCA, single ended connections.

The SA11S3 has micro detail to exceed disc players of even a few short years ago. Whether the deft touch of a great piano, guitar or percussion player, the Marantz will reveal skill and touch like you haven’t heard before from your discs! To be able to get more detail and music from your discs, is like getting a fancy new turntable, tonearm and phono cartridge- without the hassle of vinyl.

If you never jumped on the SACD bandwagon, it isn’t too late! Don’t believe the rumor that silver discs are history. You can buy over 5000 SACD titles TODAY. While most of the catalog is classical music, not all is. There is plenty of classic rock and jazz on SACD too.

I suggest you enhance your collection of music by getting your favorite things on SACD. You can own a thousand CDs. But if you get 20 SACDs, those will be the ones that absolutely blow you away. If you are fortunate enough to own, or plan on owning, electronics with XLR capability, you owe it to yourself to replace your disc player with the Marantz. You won’t believe the detail and dynamics you’re leaving on the table!

Yes, the Marantz will let you slam a phone in the front and has digital options (Coax & Opt) in the rear. But you really want SA11S3 because it will make all your music discs sound better than you’ve ever heard them. There’s more there, I promise!
Marantz SA-11S3_rear